Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Taikai-hen~ Episode 4

(Sorry for the late update, was busy last week. *talking to imaginary OoFuri 2 readers*)

I’ll make this short, too sleepy. Or rather, too lazy. >_>

You gotta love Tajima for his confidence and runs. That said, he’s the type of player that barks AND bites. Got awed by the moment he slide. I was like, UUFFF!

Still with Hanai’s pressured moments. Momokan seems to bully him but this is in fact that she’s molding Hanai into a better captain, wise player and a dependable teammate.

Sakitama’s teamwork is now taking progress. But still with a “it’s okay” kind of captain. Still, with no runs. Making Nishiura on the lead. We can also see that Sakitama’s pitcher is on the same ground as Mihashi. That when they step on the mound, something feels different. It’s a special kind of feel they say.

The next episode might show Hanai’s development. *sees the preview*


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