Kuroshitsuji II: The Triplets

Names of the triplets in order: Thompson, Timber, Cantebury

source: bleachasylum



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7 responses to “Kuroshitsuji II: The Triplets

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  2. Tsukiko

    They are so cute… love them. XD
    I want to hear them talk..

  3. candygirl

    i love them i cant pick my favorite one but i love anime guys especialy twins and triplets

  4. Kei Kumiko

    acually timber spoke 1 work:’sumimasen(excuse me) at episode six when he replaced the table that bard cut in half.. im gonan go and listen XD

  5. SnowLight

    They are just soo cute! I wish they could’ve had an episode about them. There was a part in one episode where one of them was looking back at Ciel holding hands with Hannah, he had such a sweet display

  6. Libby

    If you want to hear them talk, they are ordered to speak by Alois in the OVA episode five. ^_^

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