Drama: Ouran High Host Club Teaser

Comment: I….didn’t like it. I’m so sorry haha. The twincest caught my eye though, but that’s it. Anything other than that, meh. But I think I’ll still try watching it.


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2 responses to “Drama: Ouran High Host Club Teaser

  1. The Indestructible マシンガン

    o__o I’ll watch it…but..it looks kinda bad. And if I’m not mistaken, the actress playing Haruhi is Maki Horikita, right? Ugh, I don’t really like her. She’s not a very good actress and she doesn’t look/suit the role.

    • The Indestructible マシンガン

      Oh nevermind, the actress is Haruna Kawaguchi. Ah, I still don’t like her.

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