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My Latest LSS goes to…

Maji 1000% Love by ST☆RISH

Srsly someone take it out of my head and help me stop imitating the ‘doki doki de kowaresou 1000% love’ part!

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Anime: Usagi Drop Trailer

This is filled with so much cuteness that I can’t even. Someone help me this is so aaaaaaahhh.

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Anime: Natsume Yuujinchou San Trailer

Official Website: here

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Summer 2011 Anime

Here’s my own to-watch list this Summer ’11:

  • Natsume Yuujinchou San

                DAMN! Another season for one of my fave series! Hoorah for more HiroC and Inoue Papa! Not to mention we get to hear Suwabe here!

  • Usagi Drop
                I’m a big fan of series’ which has men+kids. It gives me the fluff I need whenever I thirst for such sweetness. I hope the anime will do justice to its manga. I’m currently reading it, and atm, loving it to bits!
  • Uta no Prince-sama
I haven’t played the game yet, but I love the cast. I hope it doesn’t end up like Starry Sky. (I really didn’t like the animation of StaSka, ugh.)
  • Blood C
This one, I’m gonna watch, just for the sake of the seiyuus. (or to be more precise, because of one of my fave seiyuus, Nojiken(Nojima Kenji) blogged it)
He’s the one below Fujiwara Keiji. He’s so cute!(Tattsun as well!)
Here’s his blog post:
収録後にみんなでとったよ (This was taken after the recording)
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

楽しい番組と現場 (Such a fun show and place)
7月からだったかな (It’s gonna start this July)
みてね(Watch, okay?)

のじまけんじ (Nojima Kenji)

  • Dantalian no Shoka
I’ll try this, synopsis is so-so but the cast is so sex. OnoD + Sawashiro Miyuki! Goodness!
  • NO.6
I’m interested in the art. It’s quite good don’t you think?
That’s quite a lot huh? Personally, I don’t think I’m gonna like Blood C, but it’s too early to say that.

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Anime: Yondemasu yo Azazel-san

Another anime came up in my ‘best-anime-this-spring-2011’ list.

Last Tuesday, while tweeting with my friend Lia, she asked me to try Yondemasu yo Azazel-san. Curious as I ever will be, I searched it on MAL and peeked on the cast list(ever since I became a seiyuu fan, this is the first thing I check, yes, even before the synopsis) and my I was startled! Seeing OnoMa, HiroC, NamiDai, Nakapan, SuzuKen on the list with the addition of Kobayashi Yuu and Kugiyama Rie made me go “OKAY LET’S TORRENT THIS SHIT”.

The plot isn’t that highly, but damn entertaining!

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Mangaka: Nakamura Asumiko illustrates the cover of nanofingers Offset’s “Gymnasium”

Available in AmazonJP

Track list:

1. Energy Flow

2. ポーリュシュカ・ポーレ

3. Longing / Love

4. Hyperballad

5. Eight Melodies

6. In The End

7. Closer

8. 別れの曲

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I Apologize for the Lack of Updates

Lately I’ve been very busy with RL stuff. I’m trying to collect myself and change my ever so lazy lifestyle into an active one. I work out and diet(My target weight is 43kg and I’m a jog away from achieving that, so I’m happy!), practice driving and go to school. I’m still active online but I try to minimize my time for that. I hope you guys would understand my reason. Don’t worry, I’ll still try to update every time I get anime/manga/BL news, only, not as much as before.

That aside, I’m putting in some interesting titles on my Amazon cart to be ordered by mid July. Here’s a glimpse of the list:

The next list is my batches of non-BL manga tankoubon which I’ll order after the one above. (Those titles with the same colored bullets will be ordered together, of course I won’t order all of these at once.)

Actually, I’m having second thoughts on ordering Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. It’s not giving me the ‘OMG I LIEK THIS’ effect but it’s entertaining. If not, maybe I’ll go with Ao no Exorcist batch.

The list can be viewed @listography

Note: I plan to make a summary/part translation for the second seiyuu event of Hetalia. I’ll be posting that this month.


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