Koisuru Boukun OVA Updates

So in this post, I’ll try my best to gather sources of information regarding the upcoming OVA of our much loved Koisuru Boukun / The Tyrant Falls in Love BL manga written and drawn by Takanaga Hinako. Future updates will be compiled here, so just check this post every now and then.

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Updates as of 04/15/2010:

  • Further OVA information will be published in GUSH’s May-June release.
  • Production will be handled by Prime Time, the same as those who produced Kirepapa’s OVA.

Updates as of 05/09/2010:

  • OVA release is on June 25, 2010
  • OVA Preview pictures here

Update as of 05/19/2010:

  • GUSH Official Announcement

Update as of 06/17/2010:

  • OVA Updates Preview pictures here

Updates as of 06/26/2010:

  • OVA 1 LINKS FOUND HERE (Chinese)

Updates as of 07/29/2010:

  • OVA1 LINKS FOUND HERE (English – AarinFantasy Subbed)

Updates as of 09/28/2010:


Updates as of 11/27/2010:


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