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Kuroshitsuji Season 2

As a fan of the first season, I was looking forward to the announcement that the second season got a green lit. I disliked the idea of having a new master and butler but as the updates and airing date were moving close, I felt that the new master is indeed interesting and unique. Aside the new butler of course.

The moment I got to watch the first episode of the second season, there were mixed feelings. Confusion, amusement and unsatisfaction. The latter episodes became dull but there were certain ones that just makes me “Okay fine, I’ll finish this. Maybe it would be more interesting on the next episode.” I was damn wrong. The second season was full of faults in an overall score. The characters took a sudden landslide the moment Alois declared that he wanted Ciel, Claude lusting for Ciel’s soul and Sebastian being a weak demon whenever Ciel’s soul was on the table. Landslide?More of a catastrophe I guess.

So I’ll start with the first and second most important part, characters and plot.

Ciel Phantomhive is a strong hearted independent noble. Why in the name of the queen of England should he let his emotions of pride and selfishness  just because there is someone working for the queen other than himself? This is clearly a point why Ciel is, most of the times, a spoiled brat, only a million fold richer. Ciel’s reincarnation as a demon made the overall season’s score lower than the others. He is Ciel but at the same time not. It’s not confusing. Just imagine Ciel, being himself, only as a empty hollow. Do you get it now? Great. Now you’ll see why Ciel isn’t interesting anymore. I just don’t know for those Sebastian x Ciel fans though, I’ll just leave their imaginations of pedophility love.

Sebastian Michaelis is the famous talk around bishounen town. I’m not a fan of his character but if I could compare his development between the two seasons, I would say that he became more of a lowly and cowardly dog than a humble butler in the present season. He is confident that his possession, Ciel’s soul, wouldn’t be robbed by some other demon. Which lead to a disaster which also lead to another huge failure, particularly the 12th episode. His resistance as declared in the first season was his biggest mistake if I say so myself.

Alois Trancy(please do not remind me of his real name, I prefer this instead) is one of the freshest characters I’ve seen. He is an interesting, pathetic, adorable, slutty, pitiful, devastated, attention-seeking male cinderella. But he became the dullest thing I can see in the 12th episode. He has become weak and easily-controlled soul. Leaving his murder behind, his character, wanting to be loved by Claude is just like those romantic movies I’ve seen a hundred times. It’s unrequited love, master and butler special edition. He became a poorly made character by the moment he said that he wanted Claude despite his failure of finishing the contract. Biggest waste. Period.

Claude Faustus, fuck this butler very much. He is the biggest mistake. And because he is the biggest mistake he is also the culprit of the biggest downfall and biggest waste of the series. He’s too honest, sneaky and is a monkey dressed in a butler suit with glasses. He’s the type that if he wanted something, he would use anyone just to attain his ‘something’ and this something was none other than Ciel Phantomhive. His death was a failure too. I dislike him so much that I wouldn’t even be able to accept comments about my rant about him.

Hannah Anafeloz,with no mistake, has the most development especially in the last two episodes. She has become Alois’ savior and Ciel’s killer. She ignited Alois’ passion of becoming one with Ciel and devoured Alois’ into a new contract after letting him know that she is one with his younger brother, Luca. I’m surprised that she grew feelings with Luca which lead to performing a contract with him which became a bridge to be of service under the Trancy household. Oh, did I say she’s a masochist? Yeah. The hell with it. She rocked the boat herself.

The triplets, the highlight of their existence was their failure of killing Sebastian. Other than that, they’re triplets! And triplets are eyecatching. I prefer them cleaning and doing household chores instead of attacking Sebastian just to hide their idiocy and uselessness.

And of course, who would forget the Ronald Knox appearance? I didn’t see that coming, I doubt that you did too.

The minor characters that were adapted to the second season has a pale presence. The parts where Sebastian was handing over a letter declaring the death date of Ciel were confusing. Their reactions weren’t as lively as before.

Second, art.

The art of the first season was balanced. The background and character quality was well balanced. The second season wasn’t. The background quality was more of an A+ while the character quality was lower, more of a B minus. Maybe it’s just me, but other than that, it was brilliant. The animation was great too especially when it comes to the fighting scenes.

Third, music and character voice.

The CV in the first season had a good score coming from most of the watchers, why wouldn’t the second season have too? It’s better and more fine. The music is more than passable. It’s befitting. Except that in some points it sometimes overpowers the characters.

Kuroshitsuji or in English, Black Butler, is a finely made series. The thing is, it flunked during the second season in very many points. So many that you will be able to point them out even though you haven’t watched the first season.

Third season? No thanks. But if they’ve decided to push another season through, good luck with that. I’ll keep my mouth shut till then.


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Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Taikai-hen~ Episode 5

So the fifth episode has shown both winners: Hanai and Nishiura.

As to why I’ve said that Hanai is a winner is because in this episode, he conquered his insecurities against Tajima. Thanks to Momokan and the rest of the team especially Tajima and Mihashi. He also says that without an internal competition within, a team would be no good. He also found out that Mihashi always thinks that Tajima and Hanai would compete with him in terms of being in the mound and pitching.

Nothing more has been given concentration here. But towards the end, the guy (fourth to the last panel) stated that he has found a strategy to defeat Nishiura, that is to beat the catcher, Abe Takaya. (I did post about this during the episode 1 review)

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Ookiku Furikabutte Volume 13 Chapter 24.2

This chapter has left me teary eyed seeing Abe-kun injured. For those who are following Oofuri, remember the time when he promised Mihashi that he wouldn’t get himself injured? I remembered that clearly in these pages. It’s as if Abe was really disappointed and sorry for what had happened to him. Sprained Abe, I wonder what Mihashi will do. Because in the past volume(I think it was volume 1 or 2) He told Abe that he couldn’t pitch properly if it isn’t Abe catching it. A sad chapter, but I’m cheering for Nishiura! You can do it!


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Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Taikai-hen~ Episode 2

*despair* Delayed episodic is delayed *end despair*

Posted another set of screencaps for those who haven’t seen it yet.

(Mrs. Abe, hello…I’m…your…coughfuturedaughterinlawcough)

Anyway, episode 2 consists of having talks about Nishiura’s strategies, changes for the pitcher and Abe’s loud voice. More discussions, and even more talks for the following game. I appreciated Abe’s ‘willingness’ to change his tone in order to communicate with Mihashi smoothly but of course, Abe isn’t Abe if he isn’t loud.

The team gives off more of a ‘tight bond’ feeling. The relationship is more of a family now compared to the first season. Introduced a few characters which hasn’t been focused on before. I would like to seem them more, the other players I mean.

Who doesn’t love Abe impersonating Mihashi’s “I can pitch.” ?

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Episode 1

I almost forgot to watch KWMS! I’ve been marathoning Gintama for a while now. So…

First impression’s first, BORING. I’m really sorry for those who really liked it but it didn’t appeal to me. But the ED is EXCEPTIONAL. *rapes Usui*

I collected a few screenshots of KWMS! in raw. The translated version will be up soon(says the translators team).

Anyway, why did I find KWMS! boring? Well, there are no exact points, it’s just my mind telling me that the me doesn’t like how it was animated. (I didn’t like the hair tone of Usui, he looks..dull.)

AND WAIT. I THOUGHT NAKAMURA YUUICHI’S GONNA VOICE RYUUNOSUKE? WHY IS THE GUY DIFFERENT NOW? *stabs producers* *listens to Nakamura Yuuichi’s voice* *calms down, air in, air out* AAAAA. Nevermind, I’m just a fangirl ranting. Don’t mind me..*sulking in a corner* herpes me..

KWMS!’s chibis are pure win of course. But that said, I really don’t find it funny unlike in the manga. But I’ll keep on watching to see improvements, I hope it’s the opposite of Kimi ni Todoke(KnT has a impressive intro but the latter episodes bored me to death).

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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 19: The Things I Can Do For You

And here we go, thanks Ochibiscans for translating volume 4 chapter 19 of our favorite shoujo manga of all time, Dengeki Daisy. I really liked how the chapter ended, well not because of what happened to Kurosaki but because it just added the spice on the manga.

This’ll be my favorite line in this chapter. I appreciated how she intensified the statement to Teru that she must also make DAISY worry about her, not because she’s a weak person, but making DAISY feel that Teru needs him, the most.

I really felt that this chapter made quite an improvement over the bond of both parties. I’m eager to read more of this!

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Soujou no Koi wa Nido Haneru

The relationship is more tense than before. It’s now vulnerable and weaker than ever, He is defenseless. He is flustered. Everything is now a mess.

The suspension bridge is about to break.

To be more precise, Sojou no Koi wa Nido Haneru is the sequel of Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru. It’s now more concentrated on the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and the thoughts of Kyouichi. Another rival has arrived for Imagase and the pressure between the two is unsettling. Kyouichi stays the same. He still lacks too many puzzle pieces for him to complete the jigsaw of his true feelings.  He is still unable to see awareness. Weak as ever, he commits the same deranged mistake, twice.

If you thought the prequel had exquisite dialogues and character portrayals, you better think again after reading the sequel. It digs more unto the fine angles of the choice of words. It’s specifically breathtaking.

The character progress focuses more on Kyouichi rather than Imagase. He now takes the spotlight and is more contemplative compared to the prequel. He becomes more sensitive and affectionate. A total different Kyouichi we have seen from its prequel.

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