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Nekota Yonezou’s Facebook

This is kind of late(and I’m REALLY sorry for not letting you guys know immediately, I keep forgetting it.) but for those Nekota Yonezou fans, the mangaka created her official facebook account. She accepts friend requests and often updates about releases, art development and step-by-step drawings. Don’t worry, she uses English. It’s really nice of her to use English especially for non-Japanese readers.

Like when someone thanked her for using English, her reply was “But my younger sister translate it usually. I have never been able to speak English X( Even now lol”


Anyway, here are some of her updates:

And for those who haven’t followed her on twitter @yonekozoh



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Anime: Usagi Drop Wallpapers!

Just visited Usagi Drop’s website and saw these really cute wallpapers(1200×800)! For those who are of different resolutions, visit the special page of the site.

There’s even a dress up+customized wallpaper game for Rin! After dressing Rin and putting some cute things like four leaf clovers and bunnies, you’ll get a copy as a wallpaper.

Isn’t it cuuuuuteeeeee!

Anyway, I would recommend this manga for the fluff, drama and slice-of-life factors. It has a really good feel in it which I can feel also towards Gakuen Babysitters and Flat.

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BLCD: Onzoushi no Kudokikata


Author: Hatomura Ian

Illustrator: Takashina Yuu

Pairing: Yasumoto Hiroki x Tachibana Shinnosuke (Agni x Soma (´∪`人))

Release Date: TBA

Story: It seems that Senri(Tachibana) and Toranosuke(Yasumoto) are rivals in the business industry. They’re also fighting over Usagi(Kaji Yuuki). Both heard of  Usagi’s wedding and agreed to stop it. Toranosuke then proposed to Senri to live with him for the planning. But then development occurs and you know what’s next~

Available at Amazon

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Gintama: Food and Desserts


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Gintama Products for the Upcoming Anime

This is the list and sample images for Broccoli’s product showcase for Gintama this early half of 2011.

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Durarara!! Mini Photo Album


Dimensions: 135mm x 214

Price: 800 Yen

Release Date: February 25, 2011

Source: Broccoli

Comment: Broccoli sure knows which will sell like pancakes. Could it be that Shizuo/Izaya Album contains BL Material? (Oh joy)

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Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Korabo Parfait

This Choco Marble parfait based on the manga 「好きです鈴木くん!!」(Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!//Suzuki, I like you!!) will be available this February 9, 2011 in Ministop for 298 Yen. Toppings: Softie, Sugar Mint, Chocolate Brownies, Strawberry Syrup.

Source: Natalie

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