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Anime: Usagi Drop Trailer

This is filled with so much cuteness that I can’t even. Someone help me this is so aaaaaaahhh.


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Anime: Natsume Yuujinchou San Trailer

Official Website: here

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Fangirling about Strobe Edge


My heart cannot take too much Strobe Edge(and finishing it;;). I feel so happy that I think I could hug my screen now. SO HAPPY. SO HAPPY. SO HAPPY. SO HAPPY THAT I SPAMMED MY TWITTER WITH LOTS OF STROBE EDGE LOVEE AAAAA.

This has been a fangirl post, I’m sorry. wwwww


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Today’s Screenshot

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Vitamin X to Z Ikuze-! Kyuukyoku*Explosion Screencaps

Event date: September 12, 2010

Not fixed cast:

From Vitamin X:

Suzuki Tatsuhisa / Ono Daisuke / Toriumi Kousuke / Kishio Daisuke / Yoshino Hiroyuki / Suganuma Hisayoshi / Inoue Kazuhiko / Sugita Tomokazu / Miyake Kenta / Oda Yuusei / Miyata Kouki / Sakaguchi Daisuke

From Vitamin Z:

KENN / Maeno Tomoaki / Yonaga Tsubasa / Morikubou Shoutaro / Nojima Kenji / Miyu Irino / Suwabe Junichi / Kamiya Hiroshi / …

source: otomen

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Upcoming Albums: hidemind / For Myself / Netsuretsu ANSWER

Vocal: Suzuki Tatsuhisa || Available in: CDJapan || CM: Youtube

Vocal: Kamiya Hiroshi || Available in: YESASIA || Website: Kiramune

Vocal: Ono Daisuke || Available in: CDJapan || Website: Lantis

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Axis Powers Hetalia ~Marukaite Kanshasai Event~ English Subs

Good news to those who are waiting for this! Hetalia LJ community has released their srt file and is also posted in the seiyuu LJ community.

Update: The .srt file seems to be off at the latter half of the video. Please check the community for the updates and uploads for the embedded subs version.

Do note that the person who uploaded it will upload the event with embedded subs. THIS IS A SRT FILE. THAT MEANS IT’S NOT A VIDEO WITH SUBS. DOWNLOAD THE SEIYUU EVENT FIRST(LOL). IT’S A FILE FOR THE SUBS. Make sure you have a codec pack installed. Codec packs are for encoding audio/video files.  She also posted the instructions as well. If you’re having problems, here are the instructions. It is also available here

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