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Black Robinia


Type: Game; Drama CD

Genre: Mystery, Police, Romance

Company: Brocolli

Official Website

Characters – Seiyuu

Kouzuki Rei – Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Kirasagi Akira – Tachibana Shinnosuke
Tachibana Koutarou – Miyu Irino
Kagurazaka Tsukihiko – Nojima Kenji

Character Designer: Kochimo

Drama CD List: 1 2 3 4


source: Anican


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Vitamin X to Z Ikuze-! Kyuukyoku*Explosion Screencaps

Event date: September 12, 2010

Not fixed cast:

From Vitamin X:

Suzuki Tatsuhisa / Ono Daisuke / Toriumi Kousuke / Kishio Daisuke / Yoshino Hiroyuki / Suganuma Hisayoshi / Inoue Kazuhiko / Sugita Tomokazu / Miyake Kenta / Oda Yuusei / Miyata Kouki / Sakaguchi Daisuke

From Vitamin Z:

KENN / Maeno Tomoaki / Yonaga Tsubasa / Morikubou Shoutaro / Nojima Kenji / Miyu Irino / Suwabe Junichi / Kamiya Hiroshi / …

source: otomen

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Otome Game Vitamin X Gets OVA

Last Sunday, in an event titled “Vitamin X to Z Ikuze-! Kyuukyoku*Explosion”, game company D3 Publisher announced that they will be launching an OVA project based on the game, VitaminX – a dating simulation game designed for females. No information about the said project has been announced, however, they promised to give an update in the future.

The game is set at Seitei Gakuen – an elite private academy that handles education from kindergarten to college. The game’s protagonist, Minami Yuuri, is starting her second year of teaching and got the post she wished for – a grammar teacher at the middle school division. As fortunate as she is for having her wished post, she was unfortunately assigned to “Class X”, which consists of infamous seniors. Minami must reach out to these students and get them all to college.

VitaminX was first released as a game for the Sony PlayStation 2 console back in 2007. Since then, D3 Publisher and HuneX released a game for the Nintendo DS called VitaminX Evolution, a game for the Sony PSP called VitaminX Evolution Plus and VitaminZ Revolution, a DS mini-game collection calledVitaminY, and a PlayStaion 2 sequel called VitaminZ.

source: dengeki & tokyohive


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Vote for 2010’s Otome Game of the Year!

Go here to vote.


(translated the first 10 games; sorry, no time to translate all games to romaji/english)

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Playing: Nessa no Rakuen

Uwaaa~I’m taking the Hakim route as of now . I love the CG of this game~ o(^w^)o


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