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My Latest LSS goes to…

Maji 1000% Love by ST☆RISH

Srsly someone take it out of my head and help me stop imitating the ‘doki doki de kowaresou 1000% love’ part!


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Starry☆Sky[Episode 6: Pisces]

Comment: I just watched this! Ahh, so late. Anyway this ONA sure made me love Kanata more. Especially his shota/chibi side. I think Sta-Ska invites more watchers by showing each character’s past and chibi? It  works though. (I’ll be more engaged to play if they included it in the game)

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Starry☆Sky [Episode 4: Aquarius]

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Starry☆Sky [Episode 3: Aquarius]

Comment: Sorry no DL link for raw, too busy.

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Starry☆Sky[Episode 2]

Haven’t watched this yet. Kinda lazy to watch anime today so no screencaps/summary/direct DL  for now. Sorry guys. ^^; Oh and sorry for those who e-mailed about Animate’s registry form. I’ll just link you guys to tudou so you don’t have to go through the register thingy.

ENGLISH Subs by SMS here


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Starry Sky [Episode 1: CAPRICORN]

Watch Online here

*You’ll need an account

**I’ll try to look for dependable torrents


DDL RAW: Mediafire

Summary for this Episode

Yoh Tomoe is represented as a Capricorn over the Sta-Ska series. In the anime, we see that Tomoe reminisces the day when he and Tsukiko(the lead girl) met back when they were kids. (Child Tomoe, oh god he is so adorbs!) His mother comes in and Tomoe asks forgiveness for his request. We now see at the next frame that he’s being accompanied by Haruki Naoshi, a teacher who is the Leo in this series. (meaning his request was to be transferred in Seigatsu)

Anyway, fast forward. Yoh’s parents were planning to transfer to America and Tomoe asks if he could stay in Japan instead since he wants to meet/see ‘that’ person once again. His parents agreed to his decision.

Next was Haruki introducing Tomoe to the class and here, Tomoe was thinking like ‘Finally, I saw you once again’. He walks towards Tsukiko’s direction and Tsukiko stands up and greets the usual ‘Hajimemashite’. Tomoe says that it’s not their first time to meet and this left Tsukiko surprised and confused as well as Tohzuki Suzuya(Cancer) and Shiranui Kazuki(Pisces).

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Hakuoki: Cushions

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Release Date: December 18,2010

Manufacturer: Brocolli

Fabric: Polyester

Specs: 15cm x 15cm

Weight: 80g

Price(with tax): 900 Yen

Found in: 1999 & CDJapan

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