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Drama: Ouran High Host Club Teaser

Comment: I….didn’t like it. I’m so sorry haha. The twincest caught my eye though, but that’s it. Anything other than that, meh. But I think I’ll still try watching it.



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Arashi’s Aiba Masaki to star in upcoming drama, “Bartender”?

In the upcoming issue of “SUPER JUMP” (a bi-weekly manga magazine), an announcement will be made about the live-action adaptation for the on-going manga series, “Bartender“.

“Bartender” will be released as a drama, and Arashi member, Aiba Masaki, is reportedly slotted to play as the main character, “Sasakura Ryu’!

The drama will start airing in January via TV Asahi on Friday at 11:15 PM.

Aiba released a comment through the image, which says, ”This is Aiba Masaki.  I will be taking on the role of Sasakura Ryu from ‘Bartender’.  Since I will play a bartender, I have been training under a professional bartender since this fall.  I hope I will be able to warm everybody’s heart as one glass of cocktail does.  Please look forward to see the drama, ‘Bartender’!

Although it hasn’t been “officially” announced yet, it seems like it’s pretty solid news. Stay tuned to tokyohive for further updates!

source: tokyohive

Thank you Kou for re-tweeting this!  :)


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