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Koisuru Boukun OVA 2 (Chinese Subbed)

Subs by: [HY腐人&三年五班字幕组]

Join Takanaga Hinako @ LJ

DDL LINKS: I reuploaded them on MF here


here: x (click 默认下载点 or the driver icon)

here: x (click “Download torrent” or here)

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Ayano Yamane’s Finder Series BL Manga Gets Anime

Anime’s storyboards already done for planned Spring 2011 release

Manga creator Ayano Yamane revealed at her Yaoi-Con panel on Saturday that an anime adaptation of her Finder Series boys-love manga is in production. The storyboards have already been done, and the cast will be announced soon. The anime is planned for release next spring.

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Watch Japanese TV Online

You can DL it here (there’s instructions available in english on how to install KeyHoleTV)

It’s not really HD(High Definition) but if you really want to watch your selected Japanese/Anime shows, it’s a good program!

I’m currently watching Togainu no Chi because I’m really looking forward to it >u<

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35DOBLM: Day 3

35DOBLM: 03. Your favorite work by your favorite mangaka


Warning: Lots of spoilers, I cannot avoid narrating some parts, sorry. It’s my favorite as well so I was kinda talkative >_>

Illumination is a three part story. The first one is simple. Gay guy is in a unrequited love with his (straight) guy best friend for many years already and eventually this gay guy meets another gay guy who falls in love with him. Simple right? Nah-uh. What I definitely love in the first story was that in a certain sexuality, one may lean to the homosexuality, one may dislike the idea of leaning to homosexuality and one that stays in his comfort zone. There’s also the idea of choosing the best option which will make everyone satisfied. But in this case, Mikita Ryuuji(the one with unrequited love) chooses to be alone rather than grabbing the chance Koya Naomi gave him to make sure that his feelings IS love. But Sudo Kiyotoshi(whom Mikita slept with once) comes along and confesses that he loves Mikita. It’s a messed up love triangle. No one is supposed to be happy and sad. Nobody here has left something behind. And with Miki’s decision, they are back from where they started. But in a different kind of situation. I also loved how Yamashita Tomoko concentrated on each character here. It’s not unique but the narration and dialog is definitely priceless.

The second story is beautiful as well. I love how one states that there’s something more than love. There’s something more than happiness and there’s something more than sadness. The meaning is deep. Yamashita Tomoko allows our minds to flow freely in this one. And there’s also the setting, it’s in contrast. It’s winter and yet they were in the veranda sipping a cup of coffee. Kind of telling the readers that even though one may dislike something so much it wouldn’t even hurt to just stay as is. There’s freedom in every person. Also, the discussion was failed love and regret. It didn’t point out that they were in love. Once again, it’s up to you.

The third story was in a girl’s perspective, Nakahisa. I love how natural the story is delivered. She’s supposed to be in love with Akai and here’s Tokame, a light music club member, whom she thinks is gay. “I realized it one day, Tokame looked at Akai with the same gaze as I did.” This line was striking. There’s suspense in her words. But in contrast of what she thought, she began befriending Tokame and thinks that Tokame’s love for Akai is greater than hers. Which in my opinion is never true, in most cases so to speak. One cannot love another greater than anyone who can love him.(Did I make sense?*facedesk*)Anyway, Nakahisa is one of the greatest narrators for a BL. And if I’m not mistaken, she’s the first one I’ve encountered that did a narration.

The fourth story was of Shichibe Youhei and his childhood friend. Again with the simple plot but with a deep meaning. Relationship is focused here but not just with one but with many, particularly with 5 people. In life there are circumstances when even the smallest thing we have done for a person is brought to the heavens until he dies. It is safe and locked in his memories that little thing that you did.

The last story didn’t leave a big impression to me. Sorry.

That’s all. (scrolls up) WOW WHAT DID I JUST DO?! So long…

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35DOBLM: Day 2

35DOBLM: 02. your favorite BL mangaka

Yamashita Tomoko

(Titles L-R: Bara no Hitomo wa Bakudan, Illumunation, Koi no Hanashi ga Shitai, Koi no Kokoro ni Kuroi Hane, MO’SOME STING, Dining Bar Akira, Yes It’s Me, Touch Me Again)

Yamashita Tomoko has able to catch my attention not only because of her unusual art but because of her ability to catch the certain asset that every BL reader wants. It’s dramatic, romantic, comedic, everything. She stirs them up, puts them in one container and still manages to make a fine line of wonderful stories. Her art is extremely beautiful. It’s serious, funny, sketchy and a bit drafty. Her males always makes the most beautiful ‘heartbreaking’ facial expression. Her works never fail to amaze me. Her plot is somehow unusual but some are common. But when I say common, it’s not really common-‘common’. Her ‘common’ and ‘simple’-ness is just-something. There’s something in every stroke, in every dialog and mostly, in every narration. I love how she points out to those readers that not every BL deserves a happy end. That in the real world, it is more complicated than how we think it really is.

If someone asked me, what is one word that pops in your mind when we say “Yamashita Tomoko” and I’ll surely say elegance. Being elegant doesn’t mean she’s perfect. There will always be faults and downfalls but despite of those, Yamashita Tomoko still claims and will still claim the number 1 spot in my favorites.


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35DOBLM: Day 1

35DOBLM: 01. your favorite BL manga

Sojou no Koi wa Nido Haneru by Mizushiro Setona

I can’t find a word that can suit this manga. It is both heartbreaking and heart warming. There’s this certain impact and pressure that keeps you reading for more. The characters are obviously refined and well-done. It’s somehow realistic. Straight men leaning to homosexuality wouldn’t mean that they would only stick to guys per se. The female characters here isn’t the unique type but truly gives you another breathe of fresh air. The protagonists are both childish and mature or maybe somewhere in between. Both are undecided, both are unjust and selfish. But at the end of the day, you will see why the circumstances lead to its proper end. An end were both of them are satisfied.


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