Anime: Yondemasu yo Azazel-san

Another anime came up in my ‘best-anime-this-spring-2011’ list.

Last Tuesday, while tweeting with my friend Lia, she asked me to try Yondemasu yo Azazel-san. Curious as I ever will be, I searched it on MAL and peeked on the cast list(ever since I became a seiyuu fan, this is the first thing I check, yes, even before the synopsis) and my I was startled! Seeing OnoMa, HiroC, NamiDai, Nakapan, SuzuKen on the list with the addition of Kobayashi Yuu and Kugiyama Rie made me go “OKAY LET’S TORRENT THIS SHIT”.

The plot isn’t that highly, but damn entertaining!

Akutabe(voiced by NamiDai) is a detective who summons devils. He has an assistant named Rinko(voiced by Satou Rina) who is, I think, the most level-headed character in the series…not until episode 9. LOL. Anyway, Rinko’s forced to make a contract with Azazel(voiced by OnoMa) a demon in a shape of a dog(?)horse(?)IDK! who is very perverted and useless(yup).

In the following episodes, characters pop up, such as Beelzebub(or Beeyan)(voiced by HiroC), a demon in bird form who eats poop and has the power to make anyone tell the truth by forcing them to poop; Salamander(voiced by Nakapan) a demon in dino/dragon form whose power is to make people believe what they aren’t supposed to believe(I didn’t understand my own explanation of his power as well); Undine(voiced by Kobayashi Yuu) a mermaid demon, has a one sided love for Akutabe and is a masochist(I can definitely hear Sacchan, where the hell is Gintoki!?) who has the power to curse when jealous, the curses wear off once she gets happy; and Mossan(voiced by Genda Tosshou) a demon in bull form, is apparently the most violent demon in hell, and is not supposed to be angered due to… scary reasons.

IDEK if Akutabe is a demon himself because the demons he encounters are all scared as shit of him.

Damn that was long.

Anyway, the series is filled with dirty jokes, along with the corny ones. It’s filled with violence and ickyness, which in opinion, is just okay for its level of comedy. I highly recommend this to seiyuu fans and to those who’re not bothered by dirty humor.

Sadly, the series only has a duration of 12-15mins per episode. I’d want it to be longer, but if this series would be a running one(which I think is impossible) that would be great.

Yondemasu yo Azazel-san runs every Friday, 23:00 at AT-X.

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One response to “Anime: Yondemasu yo Azazel-san

  1. Kal

    I’m happy about the length of the episodes, they don’t feel dragged out.
    Akutabe works well to balance out the rest of the crazy charas…and the dirty jokes are actually pretty funny. ^_^

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