I Apologize for the Lack of Updates

Lately I’ve been very busy with RL stuff. I’m trying to collect myself and change my ever so lazy lifestyle into an active one. I work out and diet(My target weight is 43kg and I’m a jog away from achieving that, so I’m happy!), practice driving and go to school. I’m still active online but I try to minimize my time for that. I hope you guys would understand my reason. Don’t worry, I’ll still try to update every time I get anime/manga/BL news, only, not as much as before.

That aside, I’m putting in some interesting titles on my Amazon cart to be ordered by mid July. Here’s a glimpse of the list:

The next list is my batches of non-BL manga tankoubon which I’ll order after the one above. (Those titles with the same colored bullets will be ordered together, of course I won’t order all of these at once.)

Actually, I’m having second thoughts on ordering Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. It’s not giving me the ‘OMG I LIEK THIS’ effect but it’s entertaining. If not, maybe I’ll go with Ao no Exorcist batch.

The list can be viewed @listography

Note: I plan to make a summary/part translation for the second seiyuu event of Hetalia. I’ll be posting that this month.



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3 responses to “I Apologize for the Lack of Updates

  1. jj

    can i ask how tall you are? 43kgs is really thin.. i would kill to be that weight. XP

    • I’m 5’1″-5’2″. Yep. 43kgs is quite low, I just set it as a target for me to lose more weight. Haha.
      Let’s kill excess fats for us to get that light. XD

  2. jj

    頑張ってください :)

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