Live-Action Arakawa Under The Bridge Announced

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This year’s 9th issue of Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine is announcing on Friday that Kento Hayashi and Mirei Kiritani are starring in the live-action television and film adaptations of Hikaru Nakamura’s Arakawa under the bridge manga. Hayashi and Kiritani will play Riku and Nino, respectively.

Hayashi appeared in Kōshōnin ~The Negotiator~ The Movie as well as in the live-action film version of Hiroshi Tanaka’s Bakugyaku Kazoku manga (as a former gang leader’s son). Kiritani has played roles in the live-action versions of the Hana-Kimi, Otomen, Kimi ni Todoke, and Usagi Drop manga.

Source: ANN



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2 responses to “Live-Action Arakawa Under The Bridge Announced

  1. Ruby

    This is going to be pretty amusing xD

  2. Kal

    I still need to catch up on the anime, but Oguri Shun being in it is enough incentive, I think.

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