Osaka Bans Boys Love Manga

Osaka has classified a variety of boys love (or yaoi) manga as “harmful publications” and placed restrictions on their sale and distribution.

The new restrictionspreviously covered here, ban under 18s from buying or reading the publications in question, which in practice means the rags will be consigned to the “adult corner” along with actual pornography. Their circulation will likely be adversely affected as a result.

The standards for inclusion as a “harmful publication” are extremely easy to apply – if more than 10% of the pages, or more than 10 pages outright, deal with sex the manga can be classed as harmful. 8 magazines have so far been designated as such.

For a thick magazine with many hundreds of pages, 10 pages of content dealing with “sex, etc.” may well be a very low proportion of the overall content, making a large number of publications potentially bannable.

Osaka’s governor recently began talking about adopting copycat legislation based on Tokyo’s loli ban, but it went further by singling out BL manga.

Just why it is necessary to ban girls from reading stories about homosexual men has never been effectively explained – the stories cannot promote sodomy amongst girls as they are incapable of performing it, and nor is it likely they are turning girls into sexual predators intent on raping men or boys. Most girls of that age are already sexually active in any case.

Sheer moral hysteria, for its own sake, seems the only plausible explanation.

source: sankakucomplex


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