Viewfinder’s “Animix” was Misunderstood as “Anime”

Yamane Ayano's twitter post, preview of the Animix.

Unfortunately,there were some misunderstandings about Finder’s ‘Anime’ which is actually an ‘ANIMIX’.

From an LJ user who was in Yaoi-con by the time Yamane Ayano’s Q&A was up.

And I really want to clarify the whole anime news…because it seems to me that a lot of you were confused.
I was at there when sensei explained it personally, and I do know enough Japanese to understand what was going on, so here it is…
There was a question during the Q&A about any anime in the making. In sensei’s words, she explained that the Animaxfilm (the one and only that was announced long ago, the one that is made up of still frames of sensei’s manga with voice-overs) is in the making. The illustrations and editing are basically done and they are busy putting voices into it. The projected release date is next spring.
Now, I’m thinking that the translator didn’t understand the concept of an Animax film…so when she translated, the words “the anime is in the making” came out instead, and everyone was really hyped that there’ll be an anime in the coming spring, where I was going “hhhooollyy SHIT, she totally got the translation wrong. O_o;;;”
So I’m sorry I burst your bubbles? Owo; But I want to just clarify that for all VF fans…


source: shikimic & Yamane Ayano LJ community



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One response to “Viewfinder’s “Animix” was Misunderstood as “Anime”

  1. -Ninjina-

    lols, as i said on the other post, thanks for the information…i did later find out that the adaption was going to be ANiMix instead of anime when the corrections were made afterwards on some sites…however thanks again.

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