Random, I guess.

Lately I realized life has been fucking with me. My appetite got at its worst stage last week(where I just had 1 meal and I was full for a day). Fortunately, I can intake pasta/noodles and 1/4 cup of rice this week. It’s getting better but then sometimes it doesn’t. Sigh. ; ;

Last last week, I had fever,tonsillitis/sore throat and colds. The best combination! And mind you, I experience that 4-5x a year, I think, or even more. That’s how sickly I am. Might undergo a surgery this November too, hoping for the best. Not life threatening, LOL don’t be so happy! D:

Feasibility studies is a bitch. Period.

Anyway, with this I’m saying, any recs? I mean manga. LOL, BL MANGAAAAAA. ; A; They keep me entertained(for certain reasons only BL fans will understand).

Thank you computer for being there for me during my times of despair.



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6 responses to “Random, I guess.

  1. panda

    i ADORE the pic!!!~ XD
    LOVE the face. haha.. & the tea
    (need some tea right now, kinda breezy night right now..)]
    NOOOOOOO~ DON’T die!!!~
    man.. :{
    i hope you feel & get better SOON~~~~~ colds.. +_+ %$#*!!
    get plenty of water(flush out the sickness -my grandmother’s recommendation :3) and alot of rest.. & if you have surgery later.. i hope it goes smoothly and will wish for a fast and healthy recovery for you :3

    i don’t have any recommendations for BL,< you probably read the ones i did which are mostly from recommendations, if i find any good ones i will update with BL news ^^~

    • Thank you >u< Will do,I only drink water and tea. ^^ Teas are love <3

      Thanks!I'll look forward to seeing your recs then :D

      btw, wordpress flagged your comment as spam,sorry about that. *kicks wordpress* D:

      • panda

        lol yeah it’s okay..
        i multi-posted.. i thought it didn’t get posted because the post was too long or i pushed submit more than once >,<;;

        hehe.. ^^

  2. Yuuka

    Hi there, I found your blog while googling Nakamura Yuuichi (trying to prove to them that he`s a good looking seiyuu). I requested to follow you on Twitter since I never meet anyone who shares my hobbies. Love what I`ve seen here so far.

    Sorry to hear you haven`t been well.
    Do take care and hope you get well soon!

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