So I Started to Watch Kuragehime(Jellyfish Princess)….

It’s so damn good. I like how Kuragehime shows the other side of Japan, I mean, that not all girls are normal(?) and moe(?) lol, I don’t mean this as an insult. Anyway, Kuranosuke(the ‘manly’ princess) is so cool. I really guys*cough* like this. And his seiyuu is a big plus for me, Saiga Mitsuki. I hope this series keeps up its good impression on me. *___*

I’m thanking panda for telling me Kuragehime’s existence. I’m actually not that free to watch a big amount of season anime at the moment. But adding Kuragehime in my list might not be bad. :D



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9 responses to “So I Started to Watch Kuragehime(Jellyfish Princess)….

  1. panda

    woohoo~~ i got a shout-out lol. XD

    i’m so glad you’re watching it and think it’s good ^^~
    male princess<3
    the cow "shorts" are killer. X3

    i had to wake up early to write a paper for uni.. tireds, but your post made my start of the day much better ^^

    ~now need to make some coffee`~

    • The story is unique. I love the cow shorts hehe. And his bedhair is so <3 ^///^

      Awww X.D goodluck to your uni. Uni is a pain no? :3

      • panda

        lol. yup.. uni is killing me.. uhhh…
        i got some well rested nap after i came back home.. a bit better than in the morning. ^^
        (actually not really a morning person.. hehe. that’s why my nickname is panda.. my friend always tells me i have dark circles 24/7..) 8|

        yeah.. lol, but i still make time for manga & anime related stuff<3

  2. Pandas are cute, but please take care of your health. Undersleeping makes you fat and vulnerable to sickness. ^^

    We must always make time for animanga <3

    • panda

      lol my mom tells me i oversleep too much, but i was catching up on my sleep this weekend..

      i hope you feel better too.. :(
      i have tonsillitis too, mostly when i’m sick they swell up.. and i feel like shit.. can’t talk, eat, & have trouble swallowing (saliva is hard enough..) xP

      • oversleeping is indeed heavenly *u*
        thank you :)

        D’aww I hope you feel better too panda. TnT
        Same here, ^^,it’s really a pain and I encounter it every month D:

  3. panda

    T^T once a year is enough.. but every month.. x_x;;
    i feel your pain :{

    .. i hope it goes away completely.. (´・ω・`)


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