Kuroshitsuji II: Endless Waltz

(credits to spacecat for the scans)

I am not seeing a 'romantic kiss'. I'm not a SebastianxCiel fangirl fyi, but the art is simply <3

OMG Sakupyon why are you so cool here? *___*



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5 responses to “Kuroshitsuji II: Endless Waltz

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  2. panda

    nananana~ batman~

    lol. claude.

  3. panda

    aww.. i miss kuroshitsuji..

    just noticed that it looks like they’re kissing from that angle.. X3
    soorry for posting again afterwards.. i pressed without thinking.. =w= bad.. panda..

    p.s. i was wondering if you’re watching Kuragehima/Jellyfish Princess?
    {the art style bothers some people.}
    idk.. i thought the first episode was good.. (can’t wait for the next episode :])
    i guess i’ll have to wait and see if the series is good to recommend it, but if you watch it i hope you like it too ^^~

    • It’s okay :D
      I don’t mind their angle. They both look really good. GFantasy didn’t allow Yana Toboso to make Kuroshitsuji a shounen-ai kinda series. That’s what I saw before in some forums X.D
      I haven’t watched Kuragehime ^^. But I’ll try it later. It looks interesting and the story is so random :3

      • panda

        oh i didn’t know that GFantasy didn’t allow that genre.. :(
        but the picture looks awesome :)

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