Durarara!! Seiyuu Interview and Event


Uwa--OnoD and Junjun looks like their charas ne? X.D



wwww OnoD's other role from GFantasy Sebby, hahaha. Otome road,huh. XD



You-kyan appearance!!! Still so hot *__*



Seiyuu event: Mediafire Tudou

Seiyuu interview: Tudou

——-オノD:「ヂュララララララララララ」*パン* 「ええ。。すみません。。ヂュラララララ。。ララ。。ラララララ」*パン*「ヂュララララララララーーあ!もう!!!!むずかしだよタイトルがよ!とにかくヂュララみろ!」———-

(笑)wwww オノDなにこれ?!へんなやつ!でもオノDはやっぱりかっこいぃ人ですね?



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3 responses to “Durarara!! Seiyuu Interview and Event

  1. panda

    i wish i can speak japanese T^T
    can’t wait for season 2 of durarara!! :)

    • I doubt it, but still I’m also hoping for a season 2 ^^

      I guess listening to drama CD’s widened my Japanese vocab. I’m only at a elementary-midschooler level though OTL.

      • panda

        aww man.. i thought they announced a 2nd season, i guess the blog i read it from reported it wrong. T_T
        well.. here’s to hoping~~

        but if you get stranded in japan {for some unknown reason :3}, atleast you can survive from what you know. ^^ i would die from only knowing.. arigato, ichigo, sakura, and kawaii<-(noobs knows this so..) +_+;;

        [(man.. i would love to visit japan.) i would get some yummy japanese food & 'some' dojinshi -woo hoo!!- wouldn't have any left over money to fly back home though..]

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