My Fall 2010 Watching List

I haven’t been into anime these past few weeks. But after re-reading my PTW list on MAL I decided to join the Fall 2010 bandwagon. Recently tried to clean my ‘watching list’ and I think it’s better now. Moved some to the on-hold list. No reviews as of now.

  1. Bakuman – Oh boy, you cannot describe how EXCITED I was to see the news that this would have an anime adaptation. And believe me, I was like kyaaa-ing all over my room. Now it’s here! Right in front of my eyes, currently DLing the torrent! <3
  2. Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge – OMYGOD the OP is so cute that I really wanna listen the full version now ;n; Anyway, still random and still loving the cracks. And of course, still loving recruit’s seiyuu, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hoshi’s Sugitan, Maria’s Sawashiro Miyuki and hopefully Samurai’s Nakamura Yuuichi. <3
  3. Kami no Mizu Shiru Sekai – KIJIJKRSDJFSKJVSKFJGNSK I’m not an avid follower of the manga but this is hella nice. *u*
  4. Togainu no Chi – *fangirl scream* You know the drill,right?
  5. Starry Sky – Well whad’ya know? I’m still ‘quite’ a sucker for shoujo!

This is my official list(might add some though). I hope I could follow the series weekly, kind of busy web designing these days. DX


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