35DOBLM: Day 2

35DOBLM: 02. your favorite BL mangaka

Yamashita Tomoko

(Titles L-R: Bara no Hitomo wa Bakudan, Illumunation, Koi no Hanashi ga Shitai, Koi no Kokoro ni Kuroi Hane, MO’SOME STING, Dining Bar Akira, Yes It’s Me, Touch Me Again)

Yamashita Tomoko has able to catch my attention not only because of her unusual art but because of her ability to catch the certain asset that every BL reader wants. It’s dramatic, romantic, comedic, everything. She stirs them up, puts them in one container and still manages to make a fine line of wonderful stories. Her art is extremely beautiful. It’s serious, funny, sketchy and a bit drafty. Her males always makes the most beautiful ‘heartbreaking’ facial expression. Her works never fail to amaze me. Her plot is somehow unusual but some are common. But when I say common, it’s not really common-‘common’. Her ‘common’ and ‘simple’-ness is just-something. There’s something in every stroke, in every dialog and mostly, in every narration. I love how she points out to those readers that not every BL deserves a happy end. That in the real world, it is more complicated than how we think it really is.

If someone asked me, what is one word that pops in your mind when we say “Yamashita Tomoko” and I’ll surely say elegance. Being elegant doesn’t mean she’s perfect. There will always be faults and downfalls but despite of those, Yamashita Tomoko still claims and will still claim the number 1 spot in my favorites.



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2 responses to “35DOBLM: Day 2

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  2. I can’t stop looking to all those beautiful covers. I love her stories so much.

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