Koisuru Boukun OVA 2

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Producer: PrimeTime

Release: November 26 2010

Price: 9,500 Yen

Duration: 30 minutes

For those who will be purchasing the limited edition you will most likely have(along with the dvd):

  • Booklet(24p)
  • Drama CD
  • Post Card
  • Original illustrations from Takanaga Hinako
  • Wholesale comic

Comment: I’ve been asked a lot about when the second OVA will be coming out so here you go, sorry for the late update report. Haven’t visited getchu recently. ^^;; EEEEE.  I’m hearing kyaa-kyaa’s now! (hops on the bandwagon of fangirls*u*)



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34 responses to “Koisuru Boukun OVA 2

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  3. Luna

    yay! this makes me so so so so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^o^

  4. This Is so great! This is exciting news!! thank you so much for the update! I cant wait till it comes out. I have read the manga and seen the ova and I am dying to see the 2nd OVA so thanks for letting all of us fangirls know!

  5. LadySpira

    Oh…my…god O_O
    I have to wait SO long????
    I can’t!!! I’m nearly exploading Dx
    + I’m waiting and waiting for the 6.Volume of The tyrant who fall in love…
    But ok…today it’s the 11th November…
    I guess i HAVE to wait these few days, too T_T

  6. Sugarlat

    Ahh I’m so excite! I love this OVA and Manga so much!
    I was wondering if there’s any update on the manga though?
    I just read Volume 7 Chapter 3 online but I can’t find if there’s anymore…

  7. Susukihotaru

    Can’t wait to see it!!!!
    I love it!!!!!!!! Do anyone knows how many ovas is going to be?

  8. Susukihotaru

    Oh ok! When will we see the second?

  9. Susukihotaru

    Really?! I am really glad! Ok i will wait!! Thanks for all your help and work!!!

  10. Adidoshike

    Umm, will you be uploading one with english subs? ;o

  11. yaoifan!!!!!!!

    when is english subbs going to come out?!?!? D:>

  12. yaoiaddict

    Hey! I found Koisuru Boukun OVA 2 with English subtitles!!! I’m so happy! :) If you guys are interested, it can be downloaded here: Koisuru Boukun OVA 2 With English Subtitles

    Really love both the ovas and manga!

    • Thank you yaoiaddict! :)
      Is it from Aarinfantasy?Because if it is,I might wait for a permit from the person itself to allow me to officially post it here.(I don’t wanna get in trouble)
      But still,thanks for updating the readers about it. <3

    • Derp

      That’s not The real OVA. the megauploads link even says that it’s Ai No Kusabi. it’s also an mp4 which doesn’t work in microsoft media player, AND it’s only 8 or so minutes long.

      You all shouldn’t waste your time on this troll :T

    • yaoifan!!!!!!!

      what? noo that’s not koisuru bouken! it’s just a random yaoi clip :/

      • At least you’ve checked it already.(didn’t check it earlier) I wouldn’t download some random clip though.It might have some worms/viruses in it. ^^

      • yaoifan!!!!!!!

        actually. nevermind, i talked to the person and the person gave me the address again and here’s the real thing. i checked it, downloaded it. and it’s the real koisuru bouken ova 2 w/ english subs :D
        GO CRAZY AND USE IT! :) here it is…
        It take sa while to download though :x BUT WORTH THE WAIT. >:D

  13. morinagafan

    It’s not true! That download is working! I just downloaded it. It’s subbed by YaoiOtaku

  14. Szafi

    It’s working now. Thank you!!! =^.^=

  15. I was gonna check on whether it’s the real thing or not but the link is not available,yaoifan. :)

  16. morinagagirl

    I checked today that link you gave ( http://www.yaoiotaku.com/koisuru-boukun2-anime.html ) and the video is definitely working. There are both a Megaupload and Mediafire links. If one link is unavailable due to huge traffic, you can download it from the other one.

    I downloaded it and watched it today. I hope there will be an ova 3 as well… as I heard ppl saying this was the last ova for KSB…

  17. Liveloulis


  18. Hi Szafi,have you asked for permission from Aarinfantasy?^^

  19. Kami-sama

    Erhmm…But free is free. The only people you ‘might want to’ ask for permission are e.g director/publisher/author. Fansub/scanlation groups’ files have no copyrights. Am I wrong?

    • You have a point of the fansub/scanlation groups having no copyright for the files. But you see, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t get a hold of those files right? I hope you get my point, Kami.

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