Suggestions and Additions

Just as what the title says, I’m REALLY looking for good suggestions for inputs for this blog. May it be a certain anime update(which I will continue to look for updates if possible until it finished airing) or BL mangas. Since Kuroshitsuji 2 has finished airing the number of posts suddenly decreased. Aside the fact that Kuroshitsuji in Wonderland will be released in October. ^^;; So please if you’re looking for updates especially BL ones I will be glad to be of help to look for(and post it here)updates. But I’m certain that I won’t really be someone inclined as a translator(my kanji is horrible..)

I feel that these recent days I’ve been a slacker and a…hardcore twitter user. >_>;; Ranting about BL at most. LOL.

Thank you for those who will help. <3



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2 responses to “Suggestions and Additions

  1. jj

    i really love your blog. i check it almost everyday i’m online.
    anything that interests you gives us info new stuff, so i really appreciate your time and effort to update.

    can’t wait for Kuroshitsuji in Wonderland<3

    BL is always nice ^^

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