The Alone Lonely Loner is Back

Yea, title is from Sid the Sloth of Ice Age~

5 days of vacation, woah. Never had a vacation in a province in my country as long as this. The highlight was: MOVIE MARATHON with my girlfriends. I think we watched around 15+ movies all in all.

I have allergies!!!!!! The cause: Vodka! I was excited for this?Gawd. Now I have rashes on my back, left and right arms and upper chest. But I took my meds so I hope it’ll be fine A.S.A.P. and…NO, I didn’t know that my body would react like this just for 5+ shots of vodka >_>

I am BL deprived for 5 days! AAAAAAA DDDDDX

So I’m back to (badly) influence you for more BL. ^^;


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