Nakamura Asumiko Hiatus

As for now her website is down since July.

I’m too late for this news, I was browsing mangaka blogs and saw this. Must be due to stress and deadlines. :(

Some people think that mangakas are just people who draw stuff blablabla. Hey, they’re people too you know. It’s just so sad to hear this just like when Yoneda Kou announced her hiatus a few months back too.

I hope she recovers and pass this obstacle. We, your fans will be waiting for your return. :)

(btw, does anyone know if she has a twitter account?I/We could get some updates if she does have.)



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2 responses to “Nakamura Asumiko Hiatus

  1. Anna

    Oh no Awwww;;;
    oh yeah i must say that i really love your Yaoi recommendation:O
    thank you=D

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