Playing: Nessa no Rakuen

Uwaaa~I’m taking the Hakim route as of now . I love the CG of this game~ o(^w^)o



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9 responses to “Playing: Nessa no Rakuen

  1. doriinatrix

    THIS IS OUT NOW?? Holy crap!
    …times like these really make me wish I could read Japanese >.<

    • Yes~ I think that Kaji did good justice to Will(the main chara)! ^^ My kanji is bad but playing visual novels help me understand most of the sentence, besides there’s audio~ :D
      I was thinking of posting the r18 scenes but nvm. ^^;;

    • Mei-Mei

      sajklghdsjkgh ME TOO MAN.
      ME TOO.
      /manry tears

  2. BexChan

    Hi there :3

    I’m from Germany and I downloaded this game for two days ago and I really love it *-* The Boys are so cute and the scenes are so hot >w<
    But I have a big problem ._. The game is on japanese and I only get the bad End when Will gets kicked out by Karim -.- I made notes for the choices tat often appears in the game but wether I take the first answer or another answer, I only get the bad ending ._.
    Can somebody help me with the answers maybe by mail or here in the Forum? I would be very glad if you could help me ;_; I really want the Endings of the three, especially the end of Hakim *-* <3

    • Here you go, I got some of the guides/walkthroughs here

      • BexChan

        Thank you but I cant read them .///. It’s on japanese isn’t it? ;_;

      • Yup. It’s in this order: Hakim, Ashraf, Karim
        How about you try matching the choices in the text (in the link I sent)?
        for example:
        Set 1:
        『パシャフ』について訊く(Ask about Pashaf)
        王族の情報を訊く(Inquire for the royalty’s information)
        Since you’re getting Hakim’s route, as stated in the site, you need to choose 王族の情報を訊く (so on and so forth)

  3. BexChan

    Okay I try^^” But I think I will lose again. I dont know if I should chose the first choice or the second choice. If I got the game in english, it would be much easier…
    Maybe someone should upload the walktrough in YouTube xDDD
    But thanks^^

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