Hetalia Axis Powers DVD Marukaite Kanshasai Seiyuu Event

I just watched APH’s seiyuu event – Marukaite Kanshasai last midnight. Let me highlight some of my favorite and some summaries(listed by seiyuu order, not segment order): (warning: uber fangirlism over seiyuus)

  • 安元洋貴(Germany)Yasumoto Hiroki is the emcee. I’m a fan of his so you should know why I love him being the emcee. I’m addicted to his laugh, uwaaa~! I like that deep voice of his, it’s just overflowing with sexiness.  In the latter part of the event he was in a tank top! He’s so fit! In the ‘what country do you want to voice aside from your character’ segment, he answered ‘pony’ and did horse sounds, LOL! He could also make a really GOOD France(based on chara shuffling!) In the first chara voicing segment, he was with NamiDai(so it looked like GermanyxItaly) Masayan was teasing them as ‘lovers’ and the audience went ‘KYAAAA’ Angen said that he can’t understand why were they kyaaa-ing. XD In the second segment: “What do you think about your Character CD?” he was telling why his chara CD only of drums while the others had good audio BG. XD
  • 浪川大輔(N/S.Italy)Namikawa Daisuke was in an outfit where I can mistake him as a gondolier/sailer! He’s so cute when he voices Veniciano! In the ‘what country do you want to voice aside from your character’ segment, the audiences were shouting: “Romano! Romano!” Then NamiDai told them, “But I also did Romano!” But still he did Romano and also Veneciano: “Why is Spain not here today?” and told them that he doesn’t want to voice America. But he did a America voice SO WELL!!! ;w;
  • 高橋広樹(Japan)Takahashi Hiroki, oh I just squealed when I saw him! Again, he’s one of my fave seiyuus. His intro speech was so formal based on his chara, Nippon dakara! I loved the part where he was trying to do a Malay/Indo dance because Konitan told them that he wanted to voice those countries(they were inexistent though LOL!)In the ‘what country do you want to voice aside from your character’ segment he answered that he wanted to do Chibitalia! XD I love his clothes too. His hands were really expressive that it was so sexy!>///<
  • 杉山紀彰(UK)Sugiyama Noriaki IS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! Hmm, highlights..Too many but what gives! I’m gonna list what I remember anyway. His entrance was of him bringing a UK flag at his back!  In the ‘what country do you want to voice aside from your character’ segment, Non-tan didn’t know that he was up next not until everyone started looking at his direction(kawaii~)! He answered Russia and then Konitan said(in a Canada voice) “Kikitai~Kikitai~(I wanna hear it~) so he said in a Russia voice: “Voooodkaaaa!!” then the audience went wild and Angen asked him to do ‘Paaasstaaaa’ and Non-tan did it too! He was also asked to shout ‘Yaaa!!” and Angen said that he’s a ‘Majime ii hito'(very sincere/serious person). In the second segment: “What do you think about your Character CD?” while he was explaining(btw his UK Chara CD’s intro is like a rock music) Masayan was nodding his head(non stop) then the others except Angen were doing it too so it looked like they were making fun of him(Non-tan said: “Everyone?!”) but Angen told Non-tan to continue and to not mind them, so he continues to talk then while the others stopped, Masayan, TakaYasu and Kaida were still doing it. Then when Masayan was FURIOUSLY shaking his head Angen quietly told Kaida and TakaYasu to stop(so Masayan is left) LOL! Masayan stopped and was really tired! Non-tan asked him if he was okay(aww~) and Kaida gave Masayan some money offering(I think?I can’t see it that much). The third segment was…NON-TAN’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!Kyaaaa! The cake was the cake with green icing that America made in APH, but instead of ‘Merry Xmas’ what was written was ‘Happy Birthday’ Non-tan said that he didn’t know of this and thanked everyone. Konitan was even asking if it was edible because of the wet tissue LMAO. They all asked Non-tan to taste the cake, so after he tasted and said that it was good, the seiyuus started to get forks and crowded towards the cake(leaving Non-tan alone aww~haha!). The seiyuus even took a picture, not facing the audience so the output looked like the audience was at their back(So sweet~). Fourth segment, character voicing and shuffling, the 30th episode(UK’s visit to Japan) the audience were squealing when he voiced UK’s ‘hetalia’ and UK being half naked. The 34th episode, the audience squealed at his ‘hetalia’ again, Angen asked him if he was okay and he said yes, Angen told them that if Non-tan is okay then everything is okay(awww!). In the 31st episode(chara shuffling with 7 others) he was still UK! LOL. No change at all.  Gee, sorry for Non-tan’s highlights. He’s just so cute that I cannot NOT share! XD
  • 小西克幸(America/Canada)Konishi Katsuyuki, OMG! I never thought he was this tall.Mmm..I LOL’d as he entered the stage! He was wearing a brown leather jacket and bringing a burger and munched it! So into his chara, ne? So after the welcoming, they were telling him that they’re already in the stage(and he was still eating) 8D At some angles, he looks like You-kyan!Maybe it’s because of the body build, not too skinny/not too fat. There was this scene that he was asking forgiveness to Piroki being alone, he knelt and bowed…and lay flat on the floor. LOL XD In the ‘what country do you want to voice aside from your character’ segment he answered Indonesia and Malaysia(not existing though hehe). Masayan also told him that his bestfriend is ‘games’ XD At the ending speech, he started it as ‘Canada da yo’ and oh my kyaaaa. >//<
  • 小野坂昌也(France)Onosaka Masaya, SO EROI!!! I now declare my love for this guy! His entrance and everything! He’s the second seiyuu that I’ve encountered to be this eroi, first is NariKen of course! XD He was beside Non-tan and was teasing him often. He did this naughty face and the seiyuus were covering his face(they did this often!)LMAO. He says he would choose Italy in the first segment because it looks easy
  • 甲斐田ゆき(China)Kaida Yuki, she definitely enjoys voicing China! She says she liked the intro of China’s chara CD She’s so cute, she even wore a necklace with panda pendant and brought a panda bag with a panda purse inside and another small panda container and a panda coin purse inside the panda container I would love to have those ^^;;
  • 高戸靖広(Russia)Takato Yasuhiro, KOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOLKOL moment for the win. He has such a young voice despite his age. He says he would like to voice France! LOL! And Masayan was pressuring him!! Then when they asked a sample, he said something eroi(which was censored) then Masayan followed then Sasanuma Akira followed!! IT WAS A SERIES OF CENSORS!! LOL He was also holding Kaida Yuki’s panda bag for a long time(maybe he likes it XD)
  • 笹沼尭羅(Austria)Sasanuma Akira, he has so many fans! In the ‘what country do you want to voice aside from your character’ segment he said that he wants to voice Japan because he’s pessimistic. Piroki suddenly defended Nippon and said that Nippon is not pessimistic, he’s only modest.(Piroki was asking if that’s the only thing why Akira wants to voice Nippon) Akira confirms that it isn’t Australia but AUSTRIA.
  • 高坂篤志(Prussia/Greece)Kousaka Atsushi, his singing was kind of disturbing. Yes it was good but it was kind of forced. *pities his throat* @@
  • 金田アキ(Chibitalia)Kanada Aki, HER CHIBITALIA VOICE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! OAO I was surprised to know that she wants to voice Prussia! But her normal voice was kind of low so I think she was good at sampling Prussia.
  • 金野潤(Holy Roman Empire)Konno Jun, don’t have anything to say about this guy x-x

If you want to watch it you could buffer it here(not complete afaik) in Tudou.

PS. For those who received the link DO NOT share it with anyone else PLEASE. Thanks.

NOTE AS OF JAN 13 2011:

Sorry guys, I won’t be able to e-mail the download link anymore. I’m getting busier(and lazier).



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121 responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers DVD Marukaite Kanshasai Seiyuu Event

  1. shinigami59

    all I can do after saw DVD preview is laugh XD That’s so funny.
    I try to search it for so long.
    would you mind if I ask where can I download it?

  2. annadiel

    Hi! Thanks for the highlights to the event! I agree that Onosaka-san is so eroi. He really fits the role of France nii-chan :). His episodes in the Hetalia web radio series are my favorite, they’re just really lively!

    I’ve also wanted to watch this seiyuu event for the longest time (now I’m just filling up my Hetalia obsession with the web anime and web radio series). Can you please do send the download link to my email? Thank you very much!!!

  3. Ekaterina


    Masaaya:of course—in the drama cd(s) he always says something that gets censored(with yasumoto shouting:baka!!!(one of the cds)but he’s still funny but god side with in case he gets a bad review or watever

    Sugiyama+Kousaka:for some reason they are very popular—sugiyama 4 sasuke(i think it’s for that or his voice) but kousaka…more popular but…i have no idea why.

    Kanada:wow her voice is so clear i can hear her in the marukaite chikyuu—“y-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa””shin-sei roma—–<—

    Kousaka:try listening to Greece and Estonia(i think he doesn't have to drink lots lots of meds etc,which he might hav feeled relieved)

    Kaida:they call her the woman with a 1000 voices.from abe no masahiro to Ouka to aoi hyodo.

    Axis+Allied: i bet they were surprised when they knew they had to sing ending theme songs—cause mostly they don't need.

  4. misaki101

    Ooh!! I didn’t know that Hetalia had a seiyuu event before I read your review! It sounds very interesting, and just watching the DVD preview on youtube made me lol so much XD
    Can I ask you for the download link please if you don’t mind?

  5. Kris

    The highlights was very interesting. I agree about Sugiyama being the most cutest thing ever! Seemed like he made a huge entrance there. And France’s seiyuu was just… hilarious O_o he totally fits being France pff. His voice just lights you up hmm. I see what you’re talking about with Konishi-san, he really does look like Nakamura Yuuchi, especially the hair >_> i’ve seen picture of him and whenever i do, i compare how those two look alike xD not directly of course. I’m also shocked with his voice, usually in BLCD it’s like… low, and when he voices America and Canada, it’s high pitch, he makes me admire him more and more.
    Russia’s seiyuu is just… amazing, it so O_O kiddie and pro lol. I mean, i did some research and he was like 42(yusa kouji’s age(?!) it just sounded so teenage-ish, not even!

    I have some comment about Konno Jun~ he’s very quiet xD, but a friendly guy, his expression was.. so i suppose, he really fits the role too.

    I already watched this event(3 times) but I lost the file, so I was wondering if you would send me the link to download, I’d appreciate it alot. Thanks in advance.
    And one more thing, I’m pretty sure Yasuhiro likes the panda ;)

    • Link sent, no problem. :)
      Non-tan just makes me fuzzy inside~ ^^
      Glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that Konitan somewhat familiar with You-kyan, only whiter. LOL. I’m also shocked with his voice ranges. It’s like..heaven. *w*
      Ya, I agree TakaYasu looks so kiddie. If someone were to meet this guy,please give him a panda bag. XD

  6. RisaChanDesu

    I have watched the preview in Youtube, it’s so funny :D
    would you mind if I ask where can I download it?

  7. Heleine

    I think I spent the whole time trying to catch my breath from laughing. XD

    Could I get the link to download, please? You are awesome. :D

  8. mind if I ask for the download link? I’ll be grateful for that and thank you (bows down)

  9. TOA

    do you know when they are gonna sub this? C:

  10. Mini-chan

    Could you please send me the link? x3

    That’s just too cute~~

  11. Lee Izzy

    Please send me send me send me AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH XD God God God
    I can’t believe it. it’s so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. kazekuro

    Could you send me a link? please? x’D

    megaupload wont work on me …sad…

  13. Namikawa is in this right!?
    *haven’t been in the fandom for long but is a huge seiyuu fan*
    can I have the link please~? ^^

  14. Reni

    OH! I got into the Hetalia fandom because of Namikawa Daisuke. I never thought of him voicing Italy! I was surprised because he also voiced Ulquiorra Schiffer in Bleach.

    I only watched the preview and it looked so fun!

    May I also request a link so that I can watch it?

    Many thanks!

  15. nana 8D

    could you send me the link, plz!!!! DDD:
    i will love you forever and ever ; A ;

  16. Hi~ It’s my first time commenting here.
    I finally finished watching the dvd just now~~You pretty much screamed out whatever I wanted to write here haha >_<o
    the most painful thing about watching it alone is not being able to fangirl with someone that understands Hetalia!!! T__To glad to chance someone here today ^_^v
    i loved almost every seiyuu prior to Hetalia so i'm really glad to see them together on the same stage!! can't stop looping the dvd~~~

    If it's not too much for me to ask for, is it okay if I follow you on Twitter?

  17. Pistachio

    I try to appease my appetite for this event by watching the previews over and over. I thank you for the run down.
    Is there anyway I could have the link?

    P.S. If you get a twitter request from “ACreepersSon”, it was just me…my name is a little scary and weird…^^;;

  18. Turtle

    Hi, sounds so awesome XD
    I, and my friend who’s a HUGE Hetalia fan, want to watch it as well, so I was wondering if you could send me the link to my email? ^^
    Would be soooo awesome if you could~ ;>

  19. Dina

    After reading your comment I want to see it so badly. I would appreciate it if you could send me the link^^
    And I loved it that you wrote so much about Non-tan, I love his voice, he’s my fav seiyuu<3

  20. Lore

    Thanks so muuuchh for these summaries!!
    I really want to watch it!
    Could you send me the link to download, please~?
    Hetalia is the best!!

  21. To: Lore/Dina/Turtle

  22. Victoria

    PLEAASE send me download link! I’ve been dying to have this event! xD

  23. Raggie

    Hi hi.Thanks for the awesome summary.
    Mind sending me the link for download?
    [Wishes to watch Angen-kun and Katsuyuki Konishi]

  24. @Victoria @Raggie
    LINK SENT <33333

  25. Victoria

    Hmm… for some reason my email isn’t working. Try this other one i put on this reply. and again THANK YOUUU!!!

  26. Hikari Kame

    I’m in love with Onosaka Masaya too. We’ll share him.

    Maybe. xDDD Have you heard his hitsuji? Just awesome1

  27. IchigoMimi

    Could you send me the download link if you dont mind? >///<
    Thanks in advance.

  28. Spimble86

    Hello SKY, usually I dont do this because I’m embarrased to do so, but may I have a download link as well. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could help me out. Thank you.

  29. Fenlaf

    could you send me the download link please??! 8D

  30. rayea

    can you send me the download link, please? ^^

  31. Alicyana

    I saw the event yesterday, but the file was broken D:
    Can I have the link for your file? *__*
    Thank you very much!

  32. I have only seen the event once and unfortunately it was in a bad quality, so.. umm..

    Dowload link please? :’D

  33. krazievgurl

    may i please have the download link??
    and i have to agree with you about yasumoto hiroki’s voise being deep and sexy~
    lol :D

  34. Alicyana

    I don’t know if is a problem of the video or my computer is stupid, but around 1h 07 m, the file has some frame problem and the subtitles start to be a total mess… :(

    • Did you download the .srt file?
      If yes, it seems that the .srt file made has a timing problem. I checked it out yesterday and verified it.
      You might just need to wait for the embedded subs. I’ll keep you guys updated with that, in case it has been already posted.

      • Alicyana

        Yes I downloaded the .srt file, but is a problem of the video, becacuse it stops and after some slow frame, it jumps forward…

      • Oh my..really? The video doesn’t have any problems with me. I’ve checked on it for around 3 to 4 times and it’s good. ^^;;

      • Alicyana

        I really don’t know… I tried to watch it on Bsplayer and also on Windows Media Player, but the problem remains… :(

      • How about trying Windows Media Player Classic?

      • Pistachio

        I have the same problem. And I also have the .srt file.

        I’m anal, so I’m trying to make the subs fit with the video, since it seems to speed up (it leaves the subs in the dust.)

        If you give me about a week or two (and once I get the okay from the person who translated) I can upload it and send them to you…if you’d like.

      • The verified problem is with the .srt file, says the person who is friends with the translator. And also, she’s already uploading the (embeded)subbed version of the event so you really don’t have to do the uploading anymore. But of course, you may still ask the translator. :)

      • Pistachio

        Oh sorry!
        It is a pretty tedious thing…so I’ll just wait for the embedded subs. Changing the times in the .srt file is booooooring.

        Thanks, didn’t mean any harm by this. Please just forget I posted that…

      • It’s okay and no it isn’t a problem at all! Thank you very much for considering fixing the .srt problem! :)

  35. Sakurai Yuki

    Hiii ;D

    i got the subs for it but i cant find the RAW/Avi file anywhere!! D;
    the site where i got the subs from also has a downlaod link to the video doesnt workk

  36. Ketchup

    Is it chinese subbed?
    No matter >< may I have the link please?
    Thank you so much~

  37. Chels

    eeeee <3 Aren't they all just SO precious? I agree though about Non-tan; he's definitely my favourite out of them all *A* Though I do love Yasumoto a whole lot, too. (His hair. Just…. I want to pet it, haha) The creators picked such a perfect cast for the series, IMO :]

    Anyhow, I'd seriously love it if you could send me the link. I could only make out a few phrases here and there, so the subs are looking fantastic right about now <33

    Your fangirlism was awesome to read XD (I fangirl pretty hard over seiyuus myself ;D)

  38. Chels

    Hello! Thanks again~! I enjoyed the vid even more with the subs :D
    (Hehehe, Yasumoto certainly is ;) Dat stud muffin *3* And Non-tan is just too adorable!)

    Anyway, thanks again! You’re so awesome *A*

  39. Aubrey

    Hey! I didn’t know there was a seiyuu event! I’ve watched about 10 mins into the Japanese version and I’m lost already. Can you please send me the link? Thanks!

  40. tiffany

    Can I please have the download link?
    *bows down gratefully*
    I saw Atsushi-san singing on YouTube, also pity his throat. He’s too cute to voice someone as violent and impolite like Gilbert though.

  41. Hikari

    Can I have the link please ?
    Thank you~

  42. Irupe

    Please I want the link of the event (*3*)
    I want to see it completly :D
    Thanks for your time!

  43. Hi

    I just found this site, and I was wondering if you coul send me the link to download the event. Oh God I’ve searcehd everywhere, I just watched but it’s not the same. My friends and I are great fans of Hetalia.

    Thank you

  44. Nanully

    Hi skycottontail-chan!!! ^-^, well… i was looking for pictures from Hetalia, and then i felt like watching the “Hetalia movie Seiyuu event DVD preview” in YouTube and I was full of happiness with just that ….jejeje…, but when i continue looking for pictures i don’t know but I finish here in blog and then I read all what you write about the seiyuus and what they do in the event and then you sad that it was much longer than what i have saw… well… i won’t lie if i say that I finish much happier when i read that!!! so… for that loong reason that a wrote you… with all my might that… PLEASE I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE LINK TO DOWNLAND THE COMPLETE EVENT OF HETALIA’S SEIYUUS!!! AND MY LIFE WILL CONTINUE LIKE IT WAS BEFORE THIS!!! PLEASE!!! AND I WOULD THANK YOU THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!

  45. Kate

    I’m sorry if I bother you but it sounds so amazing the way you put it…
    I don’t know how it works here,if you talk only with your friends or something… but I would so want to see it! If you wouldn’t mind letting me download it…if you would then I understand :)
    Sorry for my English,I’m not native speaker. Anyway,thanks either way and deffinitely keep writing,it’s awesome! *Thumbs up* ;)

    • Yes,I would be glad if you wouldn’t post the links up anywhere. Just keep it to yourself. :)
      Your English isn’t bad, but anyway, link sent Kate!

      • Kate

        Thank you very much! :)
        Well even if I wanted to (which I don’t) I wouldn’t know how,anyway xD
        I suck at computers-they hate me xD
        Well thank you again! :*

  46. Namie

    OMG i would love to have the download link i’ve been searching for it for a long time!!

    Thank you!!

  47. Haru

    Can you please send me the link?
    (sorry for my bad english ;A; )

  48. kumichan

    Can you send the link to me too? I was looking for this everywhere…
    And, yes… Non-tan is so cute…I LOVE his voice and personality…

  49. Moony

    Uwaaa that sounds so awesome! *o*
    Could you please send me the download link?
    Thanks in advance! :D ♥

  50. Azami

    Thanks for the highlights of the event! Awww it’s cute how they celebrated Sugiyama’s birthday at the event! Would you mind sending the link to my e-mail please? Thanks!! :3

  51. unknownsolution

    watched the vid haha, i dun really pay much attention to Yasumoto before, but after watching this dvd, i begun to like him XD he seems like a real nice guy. esp in this dvd, he is so nice towards sugiyama XD

  52. paulina Oro...

    I just LOVE nihon’s seiyuu and daisuke namikawa, too!! ^^
    thanks for the highlights, I just loved the preview and I knew I wanted to watch the whole thing…
    Nihon’s my fave one!!
    can you send me the link…pretty please *v*

    thanx x3

  53. tinkerx

    can u please send the download link to me? thank you very much!!!

  54. amichan

    please send link for me!!!!!

  55. Erika

    can you please send the link to me,please

  56. Rynn

    wow! that is awesome! i want to download it! link please >.<
    thanks in advance ^^

  57. Camii

    This is pretty amazing! what an interesting review!
    I watched the preview on youtube,but is there a link to download the complete event or something like that? If you have it,could yo please send it to me? thank you!

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