This week was…

  • Both stressing and fun.
  • Had 3 exams for today: Elementary Japanese level 1, Business Finance Management and Java. Weird combination, so I was in the verge of getting crazy,LOL.
  • It was raining the whole week. So I had to ‘actually’ think of what to wear for school. Ended up with long sleeves/jackets/boots/sneakers.
  • Tweeted with Takarai Rihito, I know she’s a busy person with all those works and stuff so I really appreciated the time she tweets(especially with me lol). She’s so cute using those emoticons. Unfortunately used the wrong kanji so we kind of misunderstood in between, so I just told her in katakana. Needs so much Kanji polishing.  ; 3;
  • ….all in all it was tiring thus the rant post. (_ _)

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