Tears man, not mucus!

So I was watching Takumi-kun: Nijiiro no Garasu (a BL drama) when there was a scene where Gii was explaining the sickness of Suzuki(or was it Takashi?) then this camera was going around and around and finally emphasized Gii “crying” then I saw mucus coming out(and not tears) the first time so I was like.. “What the heck?” so I replayed it. It really was mucus,LMAO. I didn’t even see tears from him(which is the one needed,haha). Anyway, it’s my first time to see a Takumi-kun live action (is this the second drama) but I really didn’t like it. WHERE IS WACCHA?!?! WHAT SERIES DOES HE PLAY IN?!?!?! 1ST??He’s the main reason why I downloaded this. But he isn’t here! D:

I like Ai no Kotodama more. (even though there was more kiss scenes here I think) the actors of Takumi-kun LACKED emotions! :( Speaking of emotions, Takumi in the scene (that I was talking about earlier) was:

Gii: *explaining the sickness*

Takumi: “eh?”

Gii: *explaining the sickness more*

Takumi: “eh?”

LOL! What the? I cannot bear to finish this!


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