Utsukushii Koto DVD

DVD release of Utsukushii Koto’s play is on September 3,2010. I wanna have this and it’s 6,300 Yen!! ;^; If you’re wondering what Utsukushii Koto is, it’s a novel of our dearest Konohara Narise(and is illustrated by Hidaka Shoko) who is also famous for her other works such as the Cold Sleep Series,Don’t Worry Mama,Kodomo no Hitomi,etc. Utsukushii Koto and its sequel, Itoshii Koto has also been adapted into a drama CD where the pairing presents Sugita Tomokazu x Suzuki Tatsuhisa. I’m glad that Tatsun was the one who voiced Masuoka since he delivered the lines and the feelings of his character very smoothly and unbelievable. Which made me became more of his fan(I loved him especially when I saw him from the Kuroshitsuji seiyuu event,oh the looks,poise and humor!). Utsukushii Koto series is one of those dramas that will make you fall from your seat and maybe even make you cry. It deserves a high score. Sorry for giving so much recognition but it really deserves it for me(_ _) For more DVD details visit the site.


I really love the cover. It has a nice feel in it despite what the real genre is, for those who are wondering, it’s a boyxboy novel Masuoka(voiced by Tatsun) is just dressed as a girl in the illustration. So those who can’t stand BL, keep your eyes away from this.


I’m relistening to this now. I’m currently in track 4 of Itoshii Koto series and still, it never fails to make me teary eyed.


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