Rolando Mendoza, thanks for worsening the image of the Philippines

The travel alert system of Hong Kong has reinforced an action wherein Hong Kong nationals should avoid travel in the Philippines because of a kidnapping incident which happened earlier.

HK Security Bureau info

I’m ashamed of what the image of my country has become. The kidnapping was also broadcasted in CNN and other foreign channels. My Facebook wall was filled with comments, rants and trashtalks towards the crappy police action. :/

I LOL’d when I read a given meaning of S.W.A.T. – Sorry Wala Akong Training (Sorry I have no training) Pinoys are fond of making fun of something amidst these kinds of incidents. (should I take that as a positive attitude?)

The hostage taker,Rolando Mendoza was a former policeman(who was dismissed) armed with a M16 rifle during the hostage taking. Number of Hong Kong nationals: 15; 6 were killed. Rolando Mendoza died with a shot in the head by a sniper.

More info: here and here

If you need more info, just google or twitter it. I’m too ashamed to post more of this shit.

For Chinese/HK Nationals reading this, in behalf of my country and for what Rolando Mendoza has done, I’m begging for forgiveness. 對唔住.



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3 responses to “Rolando Mendoza, thanks for worsening the image of the Philippines

  1. kurikongjigolo

    tama!lalo tuloy nahirapan c aquino??
    asan n b ang daang matuwid???

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