Kuroshitsuji 2 : Episode 8

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I think this post would contain more of my feelings and thoughts. Why? Because Claude fucked up the episode.

posted this in MAL K2E8 discussion:

This episode was…sad. Really. If they didn’t show Alois’ childhood and hardships I would have accepted that Claude devoured him, but it was otherwise. We were shown how hurt and how drastic Alois’ past was. :(

I now like Hannah more. Since she was stating at the end about fulfilling Alois’ wish. But then again, how?Since Alois was asking that Ciel must be given to him how can he have Ciel now? I’m ‘desperately’ concluding that Alois is still alive.(though it only has a SLIGHT chance)

Alois is one of the most interesting characters in this season I may say, but dammit. Just—ugh.

About Alois’ real name, yea, I lol’d too. And from what I know–it’s Mc Cain. Eep. *runs and tries to forget*

Can you see how hopeless I am without Alois? (sulksulksulk) This is a punishment for Alois fans!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIFKDMLKSVGSLKF.

But you know…the early part of this episode was complete smex. Here, I made frames for our lovely Alois o( ^w^)o

Alois, please..please give me a sign that you are still…alive. たのむから。。みって、みんあはとってもさびしい。 (I beg you,see,everybody’s very lonely) :(

Aside from my rant above:

  • Grell pwning Hannah was hnnnng for S <3 Too bad Alois didn’t get to see it :(
  • LOL at ‘father’ He got horny the moment he saw Alois seducing him. Well, I couldn’t blame him because I was actually falling in pervertedness too. (haha)
  • Please, I want to unsee Claude.
  • Triplets, I wanna here you talk. Even just one sentence/phrase.
  • is depressed
  • is sulking

end of rant. Fuck you very much Claude for devouring Alois.


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