Random APH Track

APH(Axis Powers Hetalia) is my latest favorite. For some unknown reason, North Italy/Veneciano’s ‘hurt/screaming’ voice keeps playing inside my mind. ><;;

Here’s a track from APH Volume 1 Character CD: clicky

Particularly from 0:00 – 2:45

Fave lines:

>Namikawa Daisuke: Niichan…Kurushii..Niichan..kosokoso shinaide yo..

>Namikawa Daisuke: Doitsu Doitsu!Tasukette yo!Niichan no gan-Itai Itai Itai—T-Torenai—itai..itai…YAAAAAAH!!*S.Italy*YAAAAAAH!!Itai itai!!Niichan!Ipparanaide!!

Oh F, I suck in writing Romaji. LOL.

(Played it for many times already, the part was about N.Italy introducing S.Italy to Germany and N.Italy and S.Italy’s hair stuck to each other where Germany helps them)


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