Kuroshitsuji 2: Episode 5

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For the whole time(and I believe it happens whenever Alois shows up) I squealed. Like a fangirl of a shitty BL series. I can’t imagine myself being like those fangirls, until this day came. Oh the excitement, the “FUCCCCCK ALOIS! HNNNNNNG” moments. It’s as if there was blood squirting out of my eyes, nose and ears.

So the first scene shows Prince Soma and Agni selling Karipan(Curry pan) which I think most of you knows about that and with Sebastian telling them about Ciel. There was a confusing part in Soma/Agni’s side, which is: Ciel not remembering them.

The following scenes were of Ciel and Sebastian(with Meilin,Finnian,Bard) going to the Trancy Manor. Claude welcoming them but apologizing that ‘they’ aren’t ready yet. Ciel’s vision of the Trancy manor was blurry and he felt dizzy.(SXC fangirls, it’s your que to go kyaa-kyaa)

Alois’ first appearance in this episode was with Hannah, he was choosing clothes(or rather, throwing them) and throwing a crown, aimed at Hannah. He picked up a dress and was asking Claude what he would wear but Claude had no reaction, resulting to Alois commanding Hannah to strip. And if you saw that screenshot, well..Hannah has big stuff.

The Phantomhive servants, Lizzy, Lau, Ranmao, Soma, Agni are in the Trancy Household as well. I was laughing when I saw Ciel’s bald head.WWWWWWWWW. He…looks good wwww. XD

Highlights of this episode was the first formal encounter of Ciel and Alois(who was crossdressing) and Alois ‘accidentally’ bumping into Ciel which caused him to spill the drink he was holding on Ciel’s clothes. Then telling Ciel to follow him so he could dry it up. (surprisingly, Ciel blushed when he saw Alois)In the room, after ‘drying’ Ciel’s clothes, Alois handed it over to Ciel and before Ciel could even react he grabbed the hand of Ciel and was looking at his ancestral ring. Telling him that “Blue color..it was from that time..” sort of lines. Then licked Ciel(FUUUU)by the ear, ran, causing Ciel to follow him but was lead to the basement(from episode 1). He saw Sebastian’s ghostly appearance and he was hearing Alois and Claude’s voices which were spoken from episode 1.

Fast forward, Ciel then ran outside of the mansion and saw Alois. He then addressed him as Alois, which of course, resulting to Alois’ approval and disappointment by removing his wig. Claude and the triplets shows up as well as Sebastian. Alois blackmails Ciel that everyone that is special to Ciel will die, but Ciel didn’t falter but instead he was telling him to do whatever he likes. Ciel was asking what Alois wants from him and Alois replied that he wants him.(Kimi ga hoshii)

Alois boastfully tells Ciel that his Claude is more capable then shows his contract which is originally in his tongue. Ciel says that ‘as expected, you too are..’ and states to Sebastian about their contract that Sebastian needs to protect him. Alois then commanded Claude(te no irete) to hand Ciel over to him while Ciel commands Sebastian to ‘absolutely protect him at all costs’.

Next episode is “Yoru Shitsuji” / “Night Butler” or was it dark butler? I’m not good with translating words with multiple meanings @_@
This is just a quick summary. I’m apologizing for the number of screenshots. I’m an Alois fangirl as you can see. XD

Also, I’m not really good in translating tedious lines, but I do hope I’ve been able to give a decent one for you guys. I’m also hoping for a more serious but enjoyable episode. Kind of like explaining what’s really going on. That should keep the viewers to continue watching this.


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