Kuroshitsuji 2: Episode 4

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This week’s episode bored me to death except for the Claude appearance and Sebby’s-head-actually-hitting-the-train-cave-top-without-getting-hurt-scene. I think I won’t be doing last week’s episodic anymore, it was boring too. :/
Ahh yes yes~ So there’s a case of kidnapping happening in the 4th and the suspected mummy case was actually the place where they hid the child.
Lot’s of Sebby x Ciel moments for the fangirls of their BL pairing. Ahhh I see shotacon here. *shot*
Nnn,what else?We get to see a handful of Sebby’s demonic strength here as well.
I can’t believe I took 55 episode shots. WTF is wrong with me?
Next, Claude’s appearance(drinking tea)(Oh did anyone notice that the train Claude was riding on was the train where the bomb had been planted and it was also the same cab which Sebby pulled its roof off?). I think he was observing Sebastian and Ciel here. Because after the train incident, he handed an invitation to Sebastian to be given to Ciel. And for a major mindfuck, HIS TONGUE! Oh Jesu–I cannot unsee it.
The preview for the next episode is giving me an awkward excitement. Many MAL members gave predictions that the girl who Ciel bumped on was actually Alois–in a dress and a wig. I must say, I’m 50% about that too. Because Hannah was undressing herself in the first part of the preview(which was weird).
AND LOL, A GHOST. Wait–the location was in Trancy’s storage room. Oh, interesting.

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