Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu OVA: Episode 1

Download the torrent here. (English Subbed)

I haven’t watched it yet. Still in school.


Finally got to watch the first OVA. And boy did my eyes suffered. Give me back my 20 minutes!

Comments: Why is Kyouta’s complexion darker than the usual? It disturbed me. Also his expressions weren’t really matching up with the seiyuu’s feelings as well as Hibino’s. And to start the OVA not like as of the manga wasn’t really a big deal to me but IT IS for those who didn’t read the manga. Dang, it’s like saying “if you wanna get to know this ova better, read the manga first you dumbasses!” the pace was too fast.

The background music was trying to knock the characters off stage.

My comments has nothing to do with me not liking the manga. I’m telling you the animation killed me. My eyes suffered from severe damages.

Before telling me how biased I am, I did appreciate this scene a bit. It was good, unfortunately it only lasted for a few seconds and my eyes were bleeding again.

Luckily I managed to finish this(yes, even the fucking ED photo slideshow). I’ll try to watch the second one…or not.


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