Kuroshitsuji 2: Episode 2

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I wasn’t surprised to see the new OP, it was really good you know. Was thinking that the first OP was just an intro for the Trancy household.

First few scenes were of Ciel introducing the new property and surprisingly, SMILES. (WTF? IS THIS REALLY CIEL?)

And Elizabeth asking if they could go look for the rumored White Deer. Ciel at first was reluctant but after Elizabeth cried and attracted the crowd, he agreed to go with Elizabeth in the river.

Lau and Ran Mao appeared…to have business. Bets were given about Ciel and Elizabeth progress.

LOL at Sebastian’s pig and pigeons scene. His reactions were funny.

There was also a scene were Elizabeth and Ciel eating and Lizzy pointed out that Ciel and Sebastian were getting along. This made Ciel embarrassed. (okay, Sebby x Ciel fangirls, go kyaa-kyaa now.)

So after a few runabouts, Ciel was inviting Elizabeth to go home and told her that she could find it some other day. This made Elizabeth angry and ran off. After a while, Finny reported that Elizabeth was trapped in the river, by that time it was raining and the water has a strong current. Ciel and Sebastian took off to rescue Lizzy. Elizabeth was still trying to be composed and determined to look for the White Deer, Ciel got confused and asked “Why?” Elizabeth answered “Because it will bring Ciel happiness.” Ciel then ordered Sebastian to stop the wall/barrier  and said “I will be the one to protect Elizabeth, that is my duty!” but instead, Sebastian broke the barrier down which had been the cause of the water to rush and drown Ciel and Elizabeth. Moments later, Ciel woke and asked Sebastian why he did not stop the barrier, Sebastian, as expected, he planned this all along, since everyone helped and for it will make the land more fertile/better(If I’m not mistaken that is). He then showed them about the certain “white deer” which was actually the result of what Sebastian did earlier. Elizabeth in the end, told Ciel why she really wanted to let him see a White Deer because she always see Ciel working and having a tired look after and she wanted to see Ciel always happy. And of course, who would forget the ever so surprising big Tanaka?

Next episode: Grell, Undertaker and Madam Red(?) APPEARANCE! o/

I’m really bad at summaries. Sorry for that. ><

Even though I’ve like Kuroshitsuji, I still don’t get why many fangirls like the Ciel x Sebastian pairing. It’s creepy, I’m a yaoi fan myself but liking that awkward pairing is too much for me.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUU. No Alois today? It makes Nia sad. :( Sorry for Alois haters out there. But this show needs more angst and sadism. This episode was kinda boring :/



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3 responses to “Kuroshitsuji 2: Episode 2

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  2. SisterQianna

    umm..do u mean Ciel x Sebastian or Sebastian x Ciel? the order of 2 or more guys makes a great difference in yaoi pairing so.. i think most yaoi fan girls prefer Sebastian x Ciel and im kinda like this pair too, how come it’s creepy for u? i love this pair!! XD and now im kinda like Sebastian x the new butler(sorry forgot his name :'( (n yea.. Ciel x Sebastian is a little bit creepy..but i know some fan girls very like this pair :D )

  3. Oh sorry,it’s Sebby x Ciel. XD
    I do understand the fangirl feel of pairing guys from non yaoi animes, but I can’t think Kuroshitsuji will fit in my fujoshi blood lol. I’ve read the doujins though, haha.
    It all ends up with each and everyone’s tastes. ^^

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