A Strobe Edge Fan

I’m all for Andou.

But whoever Ninako ends up with, I think it would be okay. If she would end up with anyone that is.

I’m also excited to hear Miyano Mamoru and Yonaga Tsubasa in the upcoming drama CD. <3



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3 responses to “A Strobe Edge Fan

  1. clo

    love this manga! *-*

  2. Diosa

    I wish there was an anime though. I would love to see an anime of this. I think 26 episodes should be enough to cover most of what happened in the manga. Just as long as they cover the “important” parts and the “sweet” moments between Ninako and Ren, I’ll be in Strobe Edge heaven. :D Thanks for sharing.

  3. well.. i like the animation of it (strobe edge) !! i just wanted to read it when i first saw it in mangahere.com, i almost visit that site especially when boredom, and i made it as my past time..

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