Kuroshitsuji 2: Episode 1

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I don’t know yet. Those who have watched the first episode(including me) will think that maybe, we are trolled. But, the preview for the next episode just featured the season 1 characters. This second season is still a mystery.

And if you’re still confused to what I am talking about, I am pertaining to K2’s episode 1 Ciel and Sebastian’s immediate appearance in the second half of the ep. Sebastian in a coat while there’s a storm and asking the Trancy household if he could stay until the storm passes. While in the room, after Hannah prepared Sebastian’s milk and getting kicked out by Alois, Alois asked Sebastian if he could see what’s inside the trunk and Sebastian asked if he could get something from the basement(the teabox). Apparently, Claude notices him as Sebastian and fights with him. While fighting, the trunk suddenly opens and reveals that what’s inside was–Ciel Phantomhive. Alois then calls out that “Wah! I finally found you! Ciel Phantomhive!”. The latter scenes was of Sebastian running away with the trunk. The last scene(after the ED) shows Sebastian getting the blue gemmed Phantomhive ring was inside the tea box and slipped it on Ciel’s thumb, his last words in the scene were.. “Young Master, it is time for you to wake up.”

Alois in the early part of the episode was quite stunning, I mean, he was one heck of a sadist slash dual personality type of guy. He hurts Hannah and acts spoiled to Claude. He’s mean to his so-called uncle(who is also a money pig). And I really think he has a certain fear of darkness and being alone. Oh, and to add, if Ciel has a pentacle located in his eye, Alois has a star-shaped figure located in his tongue. Man, he’s the type of protagonist I wanted to watch, such a mystery. THAT PERSONALITY, WHAT A S!

The triplets? No signs of their attitudes yet. But they’re definitely eye-catching.

I wanted to point out that maybe, just maybe, this was just a spin off episode. Yana Toboso(the creator) has no material for the Alois x Claude theme you know. No appearance in the manga or whatnot. But let’s not get our hopes up for anything.

What else? Hmmm. Has anyone noticed the character design for Alois and Claude? It’s quite low compared to Sebastian and Ciel right?(or is it just my imagination?) But the background art was just HD! It’s more beautiful drawn than the S1.

Let’s wait for another week, I can’t wait to see what other surprises they may have made for us. LOL.



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3 responses to “Kuroshitsuji 2: Episode 1

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  2. Liz

    This really took me by surprise. I barely speak Japanese, but as soon as I saw Alois I had a feeling he had a twisted sense of humour.

    And I disagree with Alois and Claude’s designs being… “low.” I think the people did a pretty good job on their designs. They are equal to, if not better than, Sebastian and Ciel’s designs.

    Also, Toboso drew Alois and Claude, so there’s no telling that they were just side characters like Angela and the other anime-only characters. http://www.mangareader.net/102-54025-1/kuroshitsuji/chapter-46.html

    The opening was also entirely dedicated to the Trancy household, you know? It would be foolish to have an opening dedicated to characters who only appeared in the first episode.

    I really hope Alois shows up in future episodes. He’s so freaky and awesome; it would be a waste of a perfectly thought-out character just to put him in one episode.

    Here are my personal opinions on the characters.
    Alois – He scares me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character as deranged and bipolar as Alois until I saw this episode. I guess that’s why I love him so much. It also appears that he grew emotionally attached to Claude, which I noticed did NOT occur with Ciel.

    Claude – At first, I thought he was going to be a huge jerk-face, for lack of a better word. But when I saw his dancing skills and his patience for Alois(even if he is a spoiled brat), I actually started to like him.

    Hannah – I feel so bad for her. D: Seriously, all Alois does is abuse her, and she’s too spineless to stand up for herself; one of the reasons why Alois scares me so much.

    The triplets – They are… well, adorable. They seem to only ever talk to each other, but they remain loyal and do whatever they are told. For that, I love them.
    I would kill to see more of Alois and Claude. I can’t even describe how much I loved them, and I didn’t even watch it with subs yet! I look forward to the subtitles, most definitely.

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