Just another otome game~


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(character – seiyuu)

Pretty – Kaji Yuuki

Yasu – Terashima Takuma

Renai – Morikubo Showtaro

Tsundere – Nakamura Yuuichi

Sawayaka – KENN

Sexy – Toriumi Kousuke

Mysterious – (?)

NOTE: Goodness, Kaji Yuuki appeared on my mind the moment he spoke (even though I wasn’t watching the video first, remembered he voiced Ao in Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi and as Finnian in Kuroshitsuji) and I was right, LOL. And also, TSUNDERE’S SEIYUU?YOU-KYAN!? Tsundere characters really suit this guy! FFFFFFF (屮゚Д゚)屮


NOTE: I have no info about this yet. Prolly will never have the chance to play this. I just want to inform though. (and also, just because You-kyan is there in the cast)

source: 1 2 3


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