DMP Adds Garden Sky BL Manga and Love Water Novel

Garden Sky (O-sora de Garden)
Yuko Kuwabara
Digital Manga Publishing
Description: “A little god, ‘Kami Sama,’ who lives up in heaven has summoned two men to his place. ‘Shiro’  cruised through life with wealth and happiness, relaxed and carefree. ‘Kuro’ struggled and had hardships, suffering through his life. Now their comedic life as a dynamic trio is about to begin! What does mischievous Kami Sama have in mind?”

Love Water (Giro no Koimizu)
Author: Venio Tachibana
Illustrated by Tooko Miyagi
Digital Manga Publishing
Description: “It’s the beginning of the Meiji Era, and the world is turning upside-down. Misao doesn’t think his life of tradition will ever change. Born into the pleasure quarters and raised as a courtesan, he knows that emotions are fickle things, changing with every hour. But when a rich man’s son visits Misao’s teahouse, Misao opens his heart for the first time. He pursues this reckless love on the cusp between two ages, yearning only for happiness and expecting nothing but pain. Can the world ever change for this prisoner of love?”

source: animenewsnetwork


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