Updates, updates and crap

Koi no hanashi ga shitai will be in my recommendation longer than expected. I have no time to look for good reads as of now.

What else?

I’ll be focusing on: Kuroshitsuj II, Koisuru Boukun OVA, Ookiku Furikabutte(S2 and some manga chapters) and Akuma wa Hohoemu. Further anime and manga discussions will be posted as soon as one piques my interest.


Personal updates?

Nothing much, except for the fact that whenever I get a time to read mangas, the only genre that I can read is shoujos. (We can’t show our parents BL smex ne?)

Photos from Rome can be found in my twitter.

Oh, but I’ve read a chapter of VIRGIN STAR. It’s so-so for me atm, but it’s getting good. You guys might as well try this title.

That’s it for now. Let me update you(see updates section) Ja!


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