Bringing Something Up, Up, Up!

I’ll be glad to be able to upload the full version of Saraiya Goyou OP: Sign of Love if ever I find one in YT. House of Five Leaves needs more love,seriously. I’m really bothered by the taste of those Nippon people, Saraiya Goyou has low ratings in Japan. Geh.

Also, I’ve been busy for the past three days for my leave in the Philippines. I’ve been wondering, do I have Italian viewers/subscribers here? If yes, are there any English/Nippon manga stores in the vicinity of Rome? Would love to hear from you guys. Thanks.

To add, I think I would be able to lose a few pounds there because I walk with my mom a lot. orz

AND!!(lots of additions,sorry)

Koisuru Boukun has a lot of lovers! It has always been my top post ever since I posted it, yay! Prolly adding it to my watch list for this blog. Episodics may be nice if it comes out!


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