A Fujoshi’s Browser

Sharing what my browser looks like when I’m on a search for new BL titles. For those who find this genre unsettling, skip this post. If you’re someone like me, read along. If you want to know more tips that is.

First tab: Google (or any other search engines available in your country)

This isn’t actually where I go first. But search engines are a GREAT help for searching sources if you’ve found a series to read.

Second tab: MyAnimeList(or any other manga database sites out there)

MAL is one of the widest source of manga and anime database. It also has a feature for you to view upcoming series. Flexible search is also provided. Check the yaoi genre and select some titles that pique your interest. Another way to find a good series is to depend on your favorite publishers and authors. You may search a title that has been published to those and click the publisher/author tag.

Third/Fourth tab: BLCD/Aarinfantasy(I also recommend forum.nihonomaru)

These sites not only provide good manga recommendations but is also a source for BL Drama CD’s. I recommend going to Aarinfantasy. They have a wide span of titles there. Browsing the forums for downloads and recommendations are quite tiring but when you discover something really good, it’s worth it.

Fifth tab: manga.animea

So you’re thinking: “Why not mangafox?” right?

Mangafox has viruses around, but fortunately, I haven’t encountered it on MF yet. But still, be careful when browsing for series. Virus=SICK PC=No BL(sad)

Also, animea loads faster in my laptop than mangafox. It also provides recommendations after you read a particular series. Discovered a bunch from those recommendations that are really worth a try.

If you’ve picked on a series and no sources from online manga sites it’s probably still on WIP(Work in Process) by translators or nobody has picked it up yet. (Worst case is, no one will pick it up forevah~)

I’m open to answering questions regarding this post. You can also share how you pick up titles as well!


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