Saint Young Men: Jesus gets 10k blog hits per day. I’m envious.

I’ve been reading Saint Young Men since last night after a friend of mine suggested it. Same author as Arakawa Under the Bridge, Nakamura Hikaru.

Saint Young Men follows the modern life of two people, uhm, I mean gods: Jesus and Buddha. Living in the same apartment. Jesus and Buddha has their features implemented here as well. Crown of thorns, can turn stone into bread and water into wine and stuff. While Buddha has long earlobes, curls and his urna(mole/gem in his glabella). The latter chapters shows more of the Jesus and Buddha feel. Like, Jesus knowing he died in an indecent way while Buddha died eating poisonous mushrooms and such.  Since I’m not a religious freak I see this manga in a really funny perspective.

Do give this manga a shot. Especially for those who aren’t easily offended.(you killjoys!)

Read and download it in onemanga and mangahelpers.

(Prolly writing a review about this in the future. If my schedule allows me to.)



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4 responses to “Saint Young Men: Jesus gets 10k blog hits per day. I’m envious.

  1. That’s one hell of a manga. But you love Yaoi more. -.-

    • Of course I do! Why don’t you try my recommendations? *points my recommendation widget*

      • You know I’m not too fond with animes/mangas not unless it caught my interest. Why don’t you write something about yourself or something about life and what you’ve learn from it, I think I can spend a long time reading that kind of entries. (Suggestion) LOL. Take care.

      • I think that wouldn’t help increase my blog hits(laugh). My life encompasses just the Sleep-Computer-Shop/Roadtrip-Eat-Sleep routine. So,meh. And also.. I dedicate this blog for anime and manga entries.
        To add more, just give me a ring whenever you want to hear my boy-like voice and life complaints. (taps CG on the shoulder)

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