One Outs, Nobody Wins but…TOUA!

Finished One Outs minutes ago. This goddamn show needs more love and seasons.

Ah, yes yes. Here are some screencaps from the last episode.

Toua being intentionally injured by the opponent. (but failed)

The opponent noticing that Toua knew his plan of kicking him. Saying that Toua jumped the moment he kicked him.

Yes coach, get Toua out and in the mound. (T=Toua) (Laugh)

Toua getting lots of ‘boos’ because of the opponents false accusation of him having the ball scratched.

This is what really happened: The opponent was talking to Toua this time and this supposedly ‘pat’ was their chance to slip a sandpaper in Toua’s back pocket. However, Toua knew this trick and gave the sandpaper to Ideguchi to slip it in the batter’s back pocket instead(this batter was the one who accused by the way) and when it was his time to be inspected in his pants he felt that there was a sandpaper in his pocket and told the Umpires and Toua that he was mistaken of accusing Toua as a cheater. Blech. You bastard.

But Toua said that he would let this slip if the batter would kneel down before him. The announcers telling that…

He’s a devil. A witty hot sexy devil pitcher.

And after a few pitches and runs, Lycaons has won the game against the Blue Marines.

Ideguchi, you look so gay here.

And Toua’s tentative yearly salary? 4.36 billion Yen.

Remember the deal with Kojima and Toua? That after Kojima won their bet he would take the hand of Toua and use it as their ace towards Lycaons’ championship.

And thus, Toua pitching for the games to follow.

Will read the manga from this moment on.


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