Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Taikai-hen~ Episode 3

Episode three starts the first summer tournament of the series, Nishiura VS Sakitama.

Now we see Sakaeguchi’s view of Mihashi’s wanting of being in the mound all the time and pitching gives him his own kind of courage that everyone needs. Well, ever since middleschool he’s been ignored by his team mates. And now that he’s into a new team which regards him as their ace player, he’s more confident now as a person, and as a pitcher himself.

I forgot to take note of Sakitama’s pitcher. But boy did he have a hard time with his catcher.(Couldn’t blame the catcher though) They need to understand each others capabilities more to be more effective.

Mrs.Mihashi and Mrs.Abe meets each other in this episode for the first time. (Ohoho~ Don’t you know that your sons are homo-*stabs self*)

Again with Abe’s will to be less irritated and rude to Mihashi. This time, with his eyes closed. ACK! Forgot to put that shot. Haha.

Hanai’s feeling disturbed and seems to focus foolishly here. We can all feel for him, don’t we? Since Momokan stated that he’s the hero of the team in this game. Ack, Hanai. Retrieve yourself!

Liked Sakaeguchi’s catch here. Really, really. His catch and jump looked awesome.

Tedious lines to explain more techniques and strategies towards the upcoming episodes. Can’t expect less from Oofuri, one of those animes that can mix psychology in a certain genre.

and for Mihashi’s at-bat, good luck!


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