Craft Volume 44

A lovely cover for this quarter’s volume.

Is it a new title? The one in the cover I mean. It’s only the first time I’ve seen those characters and the mangaka as well.

11 updates (including HNMS) for this volume. Wishing that I could translate it for you guys, but I’ll start to learn elementary Japanese next month.



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5 responses to “Craft Volume 44

  1. pinkmacaron

    the title is ‘Yoru mo hiru mo’ and it means ‘night and day, too’.

    did u upload somewhere that story? (cuz i can’t find any post concerned this title)I can try to translate it, cuz it’s my favorite manga!

  2. Thanks for telling the title. Miyagi Tooko has indeed good art.

    And no, have no scanlations yet. If I can find someone who can scan it, I can email it to you to keep in contact.

  3. Karyee

    Hello! Can I know if you’re going to scan chapter three of HNMS? (cause I couldn’t find the scans anywhere :\)

    • Hi Karyee, sorry but I think I won’t be able to scan chapter three for a while. I’m working on my credit card but if by the time I get volume 44 and no one has scanned it, I’ll think about scanning it(20% possibility). And if possible, to translate it too if there are alternate hiragana and katakana.

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